Dita Von Teese is the new ambassador of Cointreau

Photos by Fabrizio Belluschi
Cointreau is delighted to announce that, effective immediately, Dita Von
Teese will be its worldwide brand ambassador. The rapprochement between
Cointreau and Dita Von Teese was seen as entirely natural by both parties.
After all, who better than Dita Von Teese to incarnate Cointreau’s famous
“be cointreauversial” attitude? Everything about her is cointreauversial:
her personality, her sensuality, her provocative grace, her style that is
all her own. Famous for performing in a martini glass among other whimsical
stage props, this Burlesque performer who draws her inspiration from
historical Burlesque greats and the film stars of the ’30s and ’40s, is
famous worldwide for her unique stage performances and extraordinary
swarovski covered costumes
“We are delighted to have sealed such a relationship with Dita Von Teese.
She is a magnificent woman who combines elegance and extreme refinement
with a certain daring sensuality. I cannot wait to reveal the ideas that
emerged from our partnership discussions” says Justin Weston, Cointreau
International Director.

“For me, Cointreau is a quintessentially French brand, a product which
transcends fashions and trends. I love its delicate taste contrasting with
its strong personality. It is true that we were made to join forces around
a cocktail glass!” says Dita Von Teese.

About Cointreau
Since 1847, Cointreau has been one of the world’s leading purveyors of
spirits. Its never-ending quest for excellence and quality make the
Cointreau liqueur a must for glamorous evenings and a key ingredient in the
most popular cocktails such as Margarita and Cosmopolitan. Cointreau has
always broken down established boundaries in terms of communication and
managed to find the right tone to promote its image to sustain yearly sales
that now exceed 15 million bottles. Cointreau exports its know-how to more
than 200 countries and is constantly innovating to anticipate and meet
consumer expectations.

About Dita Von Teese
Dita Von Teese, the international queen of Burlesque and a muse to fashion
designers worldwide, appears in fashion magazine columns and stars in
events held at the four corners of the world. She is renowned worldwide for
her astounding performances featuring her signature elaborate props and
Swarovski adorned costumes. Bringing pin up imagery to life, Dita makes us
relive the golden age of femmes fatales and glamour girls.