Discover the fascinating sound of Annstiina’s ‘Berlin’

"It's kind of a siren song, tempting the listener to give in after this sort of a cat-and-mouse-game"
4th August 2023

Annstiina, a gifted singer-songwriter-producer from Finland, had the wonderful opportunity to experience her formative years in a tranquil setting near a breathtaking lake.

Immersed in a world of horses and farm animals, she found her true love for music from an early age. The piano became her creative outlet, where she would compose beautiful melodies that resonated with her soul.

From the earliest of days, she embarked on a musical adventure filled with innocent wonder and boundless dreams. She is now a talented musician who creates, records, and produces her own music from her home.

Described as “If Tori Amos and Tove Lo had a child who didn’t have anyone to play her guitar tracks”, Annstiina shares Berlin, which was produced in collaboration with Lauri Hongisto.

Discover the bewitching blend of a pulsating bass line, a moving piano and enchanting strings. This dream pop number is accompanied by an ethereal ambiance that transports you to another realm. The lyrics, while straightforward, hold hidden depths that invite you to explore beyond their seductive allure.

Berlin takes its musical inspiration from the visual image of “floating over a Studio 54’s dancefloor”. The lyrics, on the other hand, are deeply rooted in real events from Annstiina‘s life in a vibrant night club scene. It was during this time that she had an encounter with a captivating individual who seemed to exude the essence of someone from Berlin.

Annstiina explains: Berlin is about trying to escape the reality with a help from a stranger. It’s kind of a siren song, tempting the listener to give in after this sort of a cat-and-mouse-game.”

She adds enigmatically: “Berlin, the guy, was a walking form of escapism and I was determined to join the ride.”

The song was recorded in Annstiina‘s home and the music room didn’t have all the necessary acoustic features at that time so while she was singing, she says: “there were pillow towers, hanging blankets and mattresses around her to avoid unwanted echoes to the tracks. The room looked like a fabric jungle and one had to be extremely careful moving in and out of the music room to avoid crashing down any of the built stuff.”

Annstiina‘s musical process is unique in that she takes an occasional break from gardening or shoveling snow and then returning to the microphone.

Tori Amos, LP, Tove Lo, Susanne Sundfør, early Nelly Furtado, Lady Gaga, and many other gifted artists are all sources of inspiration for her. The unique contributions have greatly impacted her artistic journey and continue to shape and inspire her music.

Annstiina is truly an artist worth keeping an eye on this year.