DiRTY RADiO | Ready To Elevate Your Mood And Inspire You

November sees Canadian duo DiRTY RADiOShadi and Waspy – join leading Canadian pop rock outfit Marianas Trench. We talked to the smart electronic dance duo, ahead of their UK (London at the Scala on the 14th November) and European tour…Their latest album, is called Pleasures.

So, what’s up, guys? What’s on your mind…?

We’re excited about our upcoming visit to Europe. We’re playing 13 shows throughout November!!!

Tell us everything we should know about…‘Pleasures’. 

You should use it to elevate your mood and inspire you. It’s the sound of us chasing our dreams while making music non-stop over the past year and a half. It’s a celebration of us being friends for over 10 years, while pushing our limits creatively and allowing others from all over the world to join in our song writing process. It’s a manifestation of our commitment to push each other every day as artists and people. It’s a love letter to the dancefloor.

Your upcoming gig in London at the Scala on the 14th November…Tell us about the show and why we should be there.

It’s our first-time playing Scala in London and we’re looking forward to performing tracks from our new record and vibing with the locals. It’ll be hype. 

Do you ever get nervous before going on stage? Do you have any special ritual before going on stage?

Shadi says he still gets butterflies for a second before the show starts. We used to drink a shot of tequila right before it started. 

Can you tell us which artists influenced you the most?

From Stevie Wonder and Pharrell to Nine Inch Nails and The Strokes, we have too many influences between us to really pick our favourites. Special shout out to Jamiroquai. 

How would you describe your fashion style?

Anything that makes you feel good. 

What does the rest of 2019 hold for the band?

Playing tons of shows throughout Europe and releasing new music!!

Which animal would best suit your personality?

Shadi: Horse

Waspy: Cobra

What kind of music are you listening on tour days?

Currently, we’re still listening to Anderson Paak’s latest record. Shadi’s into to the new Travis Scott.  Waspy is really into this record “5” by the band Sault, and lots of bass house. 

What was the first album you purchased?

Shadi: Michael Jackson – ‘Bad’ (it was on cassette and came with a sticker) 

WaspyNirvana – ‘Nevermind’


Photo by B.Artis