Dilly Cooner. Delving into ‘Lovin’ You’ with sincere emotion

The single's release is complemented by a music video that visually encapsulates the song's emotional landscape.
20 February 2024
Photo by Amber Azalea Media

Laced with soulful R&B vocals and the gentle melodies of an acoustic guitar, Dilly Cooner’s latest song Lovin’ You, delves into the emotional depths of love that’s gone yet eternally remembered, wrapped in the soft embrace of nostalgia.​  “What else can I do, but replay the time when you were mine?” she muses, echoing the sentiments of anyone who has ever pined for a past lover.

The single’s release is complemented by a music video that visually encapsulates the song’s emotional landscape. Viewers are taken on a reflective journey with Cooner as she drives past her ex’s home, reliving the sweetness of their shared moments against the stark reality of her solitude. Yet, within this solitude, there emerges a sense of liberation—a theme that resonates deeply in the video’s narrative.

Fans of Olivia Dean, Grent Perez, and Lizzy McAlpine will find themselves drawn to the emotive depth of Lovin’ You.

Hailing from Vancouver, Cooner’s musical palette is as diverse as it is rich, weaving together the threads of folk, R&B, and pop into a sound uniquely her own. Her journey began early, recording her debut EP Picking Weeds from a Garden of Roses at just fifteen. However, it was her 2020 single Over Easy that catapulted her into the spotlight in 2022, earning her a spot at the Function Festival 2023 in Victoria, B.C., and an honorable mention in the SOCAN Young Canadian Songwriter Award for another track, When He Was With Me.

Her latest work, Lovin’ You, written two years prior, initially laid bare with only guitar and vocals, blossomed into a full-bodied single under the guidance of producer Daniel Sarmiento. The song’s narrative, sparked by a serendipitous encounter in a coffee shop, unravels with the ease and warmth of a summer day’s background score, despite its lyrics’ heartrending themes.

Lovin’ You stands as a testament to Cooner’s evocative storytelling and musical versatility. With its danceable beat and bittersweet lyrics, the track is poised to become the anthem of anyone facing a holiday marked by reflection rather than celebration.

Dilly Cooner’s path through life’s seasons, marked by her thematic songwriting and acoustic expertise, is embodied in Lovin’ You. This track offers listeners a refuge in the collective experience of love, loss, and the path to rediscovering oneself.