Die Goldenen Zitronen2German seminal art punk collective, Die Goldenen Zitronen (The Golden Lemons), release brand new album ‘Flogging A Dead Frog’ (out now via Altin Village & Mine records), a shining collection of relevant, meaningful and politically opinionated techno-punk gems.

The modernistic Mitteleuropa-esque video – directed by Ted Gaier, Katharina Duve & Timo Schierhorn – for album’s standout track ‘The Investor’, reflects wonderfully the charismatic and engaging, social commentary of singer Schorsch Kamerun.

Hey, hello, hello, this is the investor.
Hey, hey, hey, hello, we’ve got plans for you.
You’re the ingenious bohemians and we are your prosperous relations.
You’re the eccentric music makers.
We’re your benevolent aunt.
Hey, hello, hello, this is the curator.
Hey, hey, hey, hello the investor.
You’re the innovative creatives.
We decipher your hieroglyphics.
Our visions are just as prolific and you can live in them and work in them as well.
You’ve got the style, we know the market.
So now no need for unnecessary harshness.
You are a trademark that can’t be topped.
Priceless artefacts – impossible to flop.
Hey, here I am – I’m the provider and one of the many make–it–happen–men.
You’ve got the instincts, you’ve got the style.
We’ve got the perfect deal for a while.
You’ve got the authentic flair.
We’re keeping the traffic clear.