Diamonds From Ashes

A Technologically Advanced Means To Commemorate The Memory Of The Deceased In The UK

Credited by a total of over 600,000 funerals annually, the death industry in the UK is estimated at approximately £2bn and dominated by large firms like Dignity Plc and Co-operative group, collectively offering cemetery, crematorium, embalming and mortician services. However, with improvements and new discoveries in technology, unique and highly innovative alternatives to burial such as Diamonds from Ashes have since emerged on the market.

How and Why Families in the UK Have Adopted the New Funeral Trend of Diamonds from Ashes

Diamonds from Ashes are synthetic diamonds created in the lab from the carbon content extracted from the ashes of the deceased. Renowned Diamonds from ashes companies such as the Swiss based LONITE with a branch office in London, UK use specialized HPHT technology in their state of the art laboratory to press and transform purified carbon into real diamonds. The carbon extracted from the cremated ashes or hair of the deceased is converted into flaked graphite in a cylinder shape. This prepares the carbon for the final technical steps that require extreme temperature and pressure measurement. The process of creating Diamonds from Ashes takes 6 to 9 months depending on the size and colour of the Diamonds from Ashes to be created.

In order to prove that your Diamonds from Ashes is made from the remains of the deceased, majority of Diamonds from Ashes companies provide their clients with a technical examination and a certification methodology of the source of the Diamonds from Ashes. This report contains a scientific proof based on the chemical density and carbon atoms of the Ashes from Diamonds. Clients can also request the Diamonds from Ashes vendor to provide a certificate of renowned institutes like the Gemology Institute of America (GIA certificate) or the International Gemology Institute (IGI certificate) which are both reputable and reliable in the UK.

Most people in the UK are looking for more affordable and more creative funeral solutions to honour their loved ones as opposed to just burying them or keeping them in an urn forever. A diamond is a precious stone made of carbon in its most pure and crystallized form; turning the deceased into Diamonds from Ashes eternalizes them into a gem, allowing them to live on within generations in the family.

Renowned Diamonds from Ashes Companies around the World:

The Diamonds from Ashes industry in the UK is made up of a variety of vendors dedicated towards the craft of helping the bereaved to commemorate the lives of their departed loved ones whilst addressing issues of convenience and affordability.

Some of the leading Diamonds from Ashes Vendors in the UK include;

ALGORDANZA: The Company has laboratories in Domat/Ems in the region of Graubünden, Switzerland. Their Diamonds from Ashes collection has various cuts such as Asscher, Brilliant, Emerald, Princess, Radiant, Heart but can also be left rough. Their diamonds from ashes sizes are available between 0.3ct and 10.ct. Algordanza only offers a range of blue Diamonds from Ashes and their prices in the UK start at CHF 3’500 (2,675.35GBP) for a 0.3ct rough diamond.

LONITÉ: LONITÉ headquarters are located in the Swiss economic capital city of Zürich, Switzerland. Their Diamonds from Ashes come in sizes of 0.25ct to 1.0ct and they offer 6 cuts; Brilliant > Princess > Radiant > Asscher > Emerald > Heart which are available in 5 different colors; naturally amber, red, blue, greenish yellow and purely colorless. Their UK price range is 1,300 GBP to 14,000 GBP with a provision to customize your Diamonds from Ashes with custom made cremation jewellery.

Heart in Diamonds: It is a UK-based Diamonds from Ashes Company with a laboratory located in Europe. Their diamonds from ashes come in colours of white, blue, orange yellow, deep red and yellow green. The cuts available are; brilliant, radiant and princess and the sizes range from 0.015ct to 2ct. Their UK price range starts from 575 GBP to 13,000 GBP with a provision for Family Plans; creating Diamonds from Ashes for multiple family members at a reasonable cost.

LIFEGEM: It is a Chicago, USA based company. Their Diamonds from ashes are available in colourless, blue, red, yellow, and green with sizes ranging from 0.15ct to 2.0ct. The cuts available include round, princess or radiant. Prices range from 1,531 GBP up to 18,383 GBP and the company also provides a family plans formula.

Popular Burial trends in the UK funeral industry besides Diamonds from Ashes

Due to globalisation and changes in technology, the funeral industry in the UK has continued to undergo changes so as to accommodate consumer demands. Here are some of the popular burial trends to look out for in the UK, besides Diamonds from Ashes.

Personalization: This gives the client the freedom to choose exactly which products and services they presume as a good fit for their needs. With time and research, you can come up with the perfect product of your Imagination; from cremation urns that grow trees to NFL team-themed designer coffins hence giving space to customize your burial package to the last detail.

Green funerals: Due to a growing sensitivity towards to issues regarding waste renewal and sustainability, most people in the UK are opting for burial alternatives that are friendly to the environment for a greener afterlife. A cemetery burial for example releases 10% more carbon than a cremation ceremony in the long run. An increase in the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air causes suffocation of living organisms; narcosis and global warming that threaten the existence of life on this planet.

Direct cremation: This is where the body of the deceased is cremated directly after death. Cremations have continued to grow in popularity, with figures currently between 70 and 75% in the UK and over 80% in the greater London area. As the population continues to grow, space for burials has become increasingly limited, forcing people to find other options through which to send off their loved ones.

Funerals at home: This helps the family process their grief, as they are personally involved in taking care of their loved one’s body other than delegating the entire process to funeral directors

Online memorials: This includes creating funeral websites as a tribute for the deceased and streaming funerals live for relatives that can’t afford to be around for the funeral due to geographical pitfalls among other reasons.

Crowd funding: In the event of an unexpected death, there are many options available for family and friends to raise money to help cover the funeral costs of a loved one. Some of the online sites include GoFundMe & YouCaring

Advance planning: This helps people to plan their post burial to every last detail and even provides for pre-paying which not only removes the financial burden of burial costs the bereaved after you have passed but also eliminates the need for second guessing on how to send you off.

Diamonds from Ashes have changed the way people perceive death in the UK. Diamonds are a symbol of forever and therefore eternalising the deceased into this precious stone not only ensures that their legacy remains forever for generations within the family but is also a powerful tribute that genuinely celebrates their life on earth altogether.