By Frank Bell

Swiss sensation Dezabel is supplying us with a perfect dancefloor filler in the form of I Don’t Wanna Wait No More

Combining elements of EDM, pop and R&B, he expertly crafts a track that is both emotive yet energising, layering intricate beats, warped riffs and powerful vocals to create a texturally exquisite melody. With touches of electric guitar throughout that set a truly unique flow, Dezabel’s experimental flair is compelling, making it an exciting listen from start to finish. With lead vocals from Irish singer Calvin Biasi complemented by American artist Jazelle Paris’ harmony, the single takes its potential to the next level.

Dezabel mastered his artistry throughout the 90’s, playing shows whilst studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. His eye for detail and creating commercially successful tracks comes easy, yet his ability to tell a narrative within his songs is what makes them special. 

I Don’t Wanna Wait No More is an instant hit that manages to pull at your heartstrings whilst also making you want to move your feet, and displays Dezabel at his very finest.