Metaphysical rocker Dez Rocket unveils fiery new single ‘Take On The World’

‘Take On The World’ is set to ignite the summer with its fervent call to action and unyielding spirit.
8 July 2024

Indie music enthusiasts, get ready to rock and revolt. Dez Rocket, the metaphysical rocker hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, has just dropped his latest alt-rock anthem, Take On The World. This single marks the third release this year from the forthcoming album, I Win, expected later in 2024.

A maverick one-man band of sorts, Dez wrote, engineered, and produced Take On The World, taking charge of lead and backup vocals and playing all instruments, including guitars, bass, and synths. The only exception is the drums, expertly played by Mike Bertolino.

Take On The World is a funky, punk-tinged track that radiates a raw, rebellious energy, channeling Dez’s personal experiences into a powerful “me against the world” narrative. The track boldly critiques the globalist elite’s destructive agenda, mirroring Dez’s own personal confrontations with authority. Notably, one of these encounters was sensational enough to make the news on TV. Dez’s unique perspective is further shaped by his tutelage under a well-known Native American elder familiar with federal injustices.

In a candid recent interview, Dez didn’t hold back: “I think the world is run by a corrupt bunch of psychotic morons whose plan to take over the world is so predictable and obvious it’s like it was planned by a bunch of 9-year-olds. What an embarrassment. It’s about time the people take back the planet. Not with violence. Ya know? Take it back with love.

Dez Rocket

Dez elaborates on the inspiration behind the new single: “My new single ‘Take On The World’ is about how messed up the energy on this planet is right now, and how many people have started waking up to the fact that the globalist elites’ nefarious agenda is real. I am also a spiritual alchemist and transmutationalist, so I see things in terms of energy, which is where I also find the solutions to our problems. It is time for people to re-discover how amazingly gifted they are and to take their power back.

Take On The World is set to ignite the summer with its fervent call to action and unyielding spirit.

Dez Rocket’s stance is clear: “I’m taking this planet back from their corrupt, evil, greedy hands, whether I have to do it alone or not.” His message of love and empowerment is encapsulated in his call to action: “Repeat after me: ‘I love you Mother Earth. I love you Nova Gaia’. Thanks! All My Relations.