Review – Devastate, Rock’D at The Limelight, Belfast, Dec 4

THESE boys are the new metal kids on the block and talk about making an impression.

DEVASTATE; Duane, Mark, Robbo and Gary, are the recent Ma Nelson’s Band Wars winners and this performance proved why.
The boys were able to hold their own on that stage with Black Freeway and Residual Effect going on after them.

They may have been the show openers but Devastate made sure everyone in the room know who they were.
Playing great covers like Apocalyptica’s I’m Not Jesus and their own songs Fall At My Feet and Ashes, the boys proved they know how to write great metal and perform fantastically with everyone in the band doing their share.

They may be the newbies but Devastate are here to stay, their passion and dedication – evident on stage – is going to take them to the top and this is just the beginning of their story.

They are DEVASTATE, they will f..k your mind.
By Tina Calder
Photos by FB/