Depression, Baby unleash the fast-paced and enthralling ‘Too Sick’

"I spend enough time being sad as it is so I don’t need my music to make me feel worse” 
4 October 2023

The Indie-Alt-Rock quartet, Depression, Baby​, hailing from London, is back on the scene with the dynamic release of their latest single, Too Sick. This fast-paced and enthralling track serves as a tantalizing preview of their forthcoming EP, So What?.

Crafted under the skilled production of Ben Beheshty (known for his work with Nilufer Yanya, Blanco White, Fred Wave), the latest track, Too Sick, weaves a tight, infectious indie soundscape infused with a poignant touch of melancholy. The layers of gritty guitar tones, propulsive drums, and anchoring bass form a sonic tapestry reminiscent of The Strokes. The growling, elegantly relaxed vocals exude an effortless coolness, creating an earworm central hook.

As the song evolves into a swaying, emotive chorus, the band introduces exquisite vocal harmonies, providing an ethereal counterpoint to the punchy verses. The track concludes with a fittingly euphoric and explosive guitar solo, ensuring a stylish exit.

In a candid discussion about the track, the band reveals, Too Sick is a song about letting your partner down in your relationship and not being able to do anything about it. Seeing yourself lose the battle with mental health and it affecting people you love is a pain like no other. You’re already suffering, and now you feel like you’re dragging them down with you. It’s a side of mental health that is often left undiscussed, but a lot of people experience everyday so it felt like something worth writing about. If, for nothing else, to exorcise those feelings out of myself. 

As always with our songs we try and offset these difficult themes with something that has more energy. Similar to that popular meme of the two houses, one pink (the vibe of the song) and one black (what were actually singing about). It’s something I’ve always found quite helpful in showing solidarity regarding the themes without aggravating those feelings further. I spend enough time being sad as it is so I don’t need my music to make me feel worse.” 

Established in the latter part of 2019, Depression, Baby quickly gained recognition as one of the top live performers in the country. After triumphing in headline shows throughout the UK and receiving praise for their previous release, In My Blood, the band is capitalizing on the momentum, intensifying the excitement surrounding their unique sound.

Now, with Too Sick, Depression, Baby is ready for the next set of achievements on their musical expedition.

Upcoming Live Dates:

October 25th – 33, Manchester 

26th – Crofters Rights, Bristol 

27th – The Victoria, Birmingham