Denver Rapper BVNK Releases Brand New EP BVNK SEASON

By Frank Bell

Denver-based rap artist and songwriter BVNK is not done with wowing us, after the success of his project ‘Emo Season N Tough Times’, released at the beginning of the year, BVNK, more determined than ever, unveils his second project of 2021 entitled BVNK Season.

The 8-track EP portrays a self-confident and soulful artist. The young rapper is spreading his good vibes and positivity to his listeners, keeping honesty and sensitivity that is striking. His tracks narrate the adventure of life, doubts, self-acceptance, unconditional love, inner peace, themes as delicate to approach as they are imperative to communicate.

“I made this record as therapy for healing, for a way to regain my self-confidence and find joy in myself. It’s for everyone that has been living their life for other people and feeling heavily laden, this is to rid ourselves of that kind of negativity”, he said. 

Now living in Denver, BVNK was raised in the UK and was born in Nigeria, and he brings this melting pot of cultures and experiences together on this new EP, which he describes as “therapy for healing, a way to regain my self-confidence and find joy in myself”

His lyrics and songs are influenced by his lifelong experiences living in three different countries. His music is a symbol of this rich journey of different cultures translated into melodic/singing rap, hard-hitting hip-hop, and lush R&B seasoned with indie musical sensibilities. It is through these experiences that he has challenged himself to question his own thoughts and societal standards, as one can hear through his music.

“Through this project, I discovered that if you find self-confidence, you truly find yourself. All these songs are so real and personal to me, from me documenting the emotional state of being lonely to finding self-love and value in myself. I really hope people can relate to this record. Feel free, replace BVNK in the title with your name, rid yourself of negativity, and be renewed”

BVNK made this musical project a source of friendliness and reassurance for anyone who listens to it, in hopes of generating good energy and cleansing themselves of negativity.



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