Dennul is exploring new sounds with his new offering ‘One Up: Extra Life/ Double Down: Super Boost’

"I feel this track pushed my skills a bit further and opened up a whole new lane of production for me"
3 August 2023

Discover these two awesome tunes by electronic artist/producer Dennul called One Up: Extra Life/ Double Down: Super Boost. The focus is on pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds, giving you a taste of his unique music realm.

He effortlessly blends explosive beats with experimental vocals, creating a catchy and irresistible gem from one of Miami’s most talented producers.

Dennul reveals, “I’ve had this project kept in my back pocket for almost two years now. The core idea was to defy generic build-ups and drops. I wanted to mess around with vocal tracks like Daft Punk, Skrillex, or Porter Robinson. I took a vocal track of a friend I had previously recorded and messed with it until I had something that caught my ear. It has a different rhythm from my other tracks as well, pretty amped up. I feel this track pushed my skills a bit further and opened up a whole new lane of production for me.”

Dennul, also known as Danniel De La Cruz, is a creative producer who hails from Miami, Florida and was raised in Lima, Peru. He grew up with music all around him, which totally shaped his sound.

Even though he didn’t originally plan on pursuing music, everything took a turn when he moved back to Miami. “The Miami scene moves fast – says Dennul – and my multi-faceted music perspective allowed me to dive and explore different trends and lanes while being a part of them as well.”

Dennul‘s got his own unique sound, thanks to the influence of his rock and Santana-loving dad, his mom’s love for ballads, and the reggaeton and cumbia beats from his hometown. He’s taken inspiration from all these different genres and mixed it up into something special.

He really got into the punk scene and became a badass bassist and singer in different bands like Bear, The Hatts, VNTRS, and Ocean Depth. They played some sick shows at legendary Florida spots like Revolution Live.

During the recording process of his band’s EPs, he discovered a deep passion for digital music production. Ever since then, he has wholeheartedly dedicated himself to his solo project, always pushing himself to venture into uncharted creative territory.

Dennul is completely immersed in the art of producing breathtaking beats and melodies.