Denim Snakes are a welsh four piece who, to put it bluntly, rock.

Forget shoe gazing indie bands singing about the lack of milk in the fridge, or their inability to form cohesive social relationships outside of an internet chat room – these guys kick it old school with simple face melty riffs, ridiculously large drum sounds and a vocalist who’s taken lessons from the archives of Bon Jovi and Motley Crue. This is 80s hair metal in disguise, dressed casually, with a neat haircut – all the better to lure you in before blowing you away.

Their set at the Barfly goes by in a blur, beer swilling punters punching the air in time with the choruses, singing back lyrics, chatting people up. They don’t even manage to play the single that they’re supposed to be launching. But nobody cares, as there’s plenty more cracking songs where that came from, we’re pretty sure more couples left the venue than came in, and who can blame them with a soundtrack like this on a Friday night.

Unfortunately, if you missed these guys on their last tour you’re just going to have to wait until they fire up the van again. So keep an eye on them. Grab the free track ‘Many A Truth Sung In Jest’ while you can. Turn it up loud. Crack open a beer. And enjoy!

By Frank Bell ©