Demi Jordanae’s acoustic evolution

"The track reflects on life's serendipitous moments, capturing themes of visualization, manifestation, and the empowerment that comes from steering one's destiny"
16 February 2024

A new take on ‘How Did We Get Here’

Presenting Demi Jordanae’s latest musical creation: an acoustic reimagining of her song, How Did We Get Here. This version, steeped in nostalgia, radiates a soulful charm and a serene, expansive vibe, inviting listeners on a leisurely, profound exploration of the song’s core.

In the acoustic realm, Jordanae carves out a niche for herself with this rendition. Straying from the original’s lively tempo, she opts for a simpler, more intimate approach that heightens the song’s emotional and lyrical resonance.

Demi Jordanae, a vibrant powerhouse in the pop scene, champions empowerment, versatility, and the freedom of self-expression. Her upbringing, enriched by diverse cultural sounds, mirrors the fusion of her British and American heritage in her music.

The acoustic How Did We Get Here, with its poignant piano and vocal arrangement, reveals Jordanae’s genuine artistry. Drawing inspiration from the 80s’ rich musical vibes in the original track, this version allows Jordanae to engage more deeply with the song’s narrative, fostering a closer bond with her audience.

The track reflects on life’s serendipitous moments, capturing themes of visualization, manifestation, and the empowerment that comes from steering one’s destiny.

Looking ahead, Jordanae teases exciting developments, hinting at new music and artistic ventures. Her past accolades, like BBC Music’s ‘Track of The Week,’ highlight her growing influence in the music world. This acoustic rendition of How Did We Get Here underscores her ability to navigate a varied musical landscape, touching listeners’ hearts.

Her musical journey, inspired by her parents’ eclectic tastes and an early fascination with Michael Jackson, laid the groundwork for her unique path. Jordanae’s bold embrace of her individuality and artistic identity has been a constant in her career.

In today’s digital-centric era, Jordanae stands out with her authentic approach to music, prioritizing artistry over popularity metrics. Her creative process is fueled by diverse inspirations, leading to music that resonates widely.

Collaborating internationally, Jordanae’s work surpasses genre conventions. Her tracks, like the soulful Smell Like You and the introspective EP How Did We Get Here, showcase her versatility. Her association with ‘Powher Sound’ and subsequent recognitions further affirm her musical prowess.

Demi Jordanae made a memorable impact at Femmestival in London, establishing herself as an emerging talent. Her dedication to positivity, willingness to break free from perfectionism, and exploration of various musical styles continue to enchant audiences, cementing her status as a genuine and versatile artist in the music industry.