DELENA’s SOS: Pushing Her Own Emergency Button

“My hope is that I can release a strong energy with my music. I want to prove to others that wherever you come from, you can succeed. There are no boundaries anymore in the world and right now we all need to dream of doing something extraordinary. I come from Ukraine, a country that has always suffered and struggled, yet is proud like me. I want to say, ‘Guys, it’s okay. You just have to have faith and reach out.’

These are the words of intriguing alt-pop enigma, Delena. A star who has already turned curious heads by subverting all expectations of what a pop song should sound like, latest release SOS taps into the common consciousness of a world in a state of panic. The song sees Delena reaching her breaking point and deciding to do something about it, in a deliciously sassy and self-assured kiss off song with a dark and sophisticated twist. 

SOS is a song based on my own personal experience. I wanted to say, enough is enough. Sometimes, we all need an emergency button.” With ‘SOS’, Delena is pushing her own emergency button, announcing her presence to the world as an unstoppable force of pop perfection. 

Listen to SOS below and add it to your quarantine playlist!