Delara’s artistic vision and emotional depth are reflected in ‘Unbound’

"It speaks of the sorrow one carries as an emotionally intelligent species"
28 August 2023

Delara‘s personal journey is entwined with her heritage. She was born in Sweden, raised in Norway by Iranian parents. The Norwegian artist is proud to embrace her identity and make a resounding statement with her latest single, Unbound.

Delara effortlessly weaves her Persian legacy with mysterious Middle Eastern influences to create a compelling story that truly captures the depth of human emotion and connection.

Unbound achieves a remarkable balance of sonic and sentimental depth, leaving listeners entranced in a realm of introspection and emotional revelation from the very first note.

Her multifaceted nature is a testament to her multifaceted nature, presenting her a captivating storyteller. In the track, Delara bravely explores the complexities of human emotions, stating:

It speaks of the sorrow one carries as an emotionally intelligent species. We become tied to other human beings and things – answer we bear the burden of knowing that everything around us will one day vanish. The song reflects upon how peaceful I would have felt within, had I not been emotionally attached to anyone or anything”

Delara‘s mother is the subject of the song, which captures both the joy and sorrow that are woven into the fabric of life. The accompanying visualizer, featuring Delara and her mother, serves as a poignant representation of these intangible feelings translated into tangible form. The message’s emotional weight is emphasized by its simplicity.

I hear peace ringing bells
Free from the world
Free from sorrows and myself
The tides will carry off all my clothes
The moon brings and takes away
What I never owned

Her live performances have really hit home with audiences around the world, going beyond just awards and numbers.

Sharing stages with top artists like Dua Lipa, Khalid, and Young Thug, she even earned a place in an all-woman orchestra curated by Alicia Keys, contributing to a special rendition of “If I Ain’t Got You” for the promotion of Netflix’s Queen Charlotte.

Her outspoken criticism of the political regime is tempered by her love for Iran and its people. Her musical expression reveals a contrast between Persian poetry and conflicted feelings of belonging and alienation.

Her ability to fuse cultural resonance with universal themes is a testament to her artistry’s power. The world is eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Delara‘s musical journey as she continues to evolve and craft her sonic narrative.

Delara‘s artistic vision and emotional depth are reflected in Unbound.

Photo by Emma Sukalic