Delara’s latest single ‘Kalash’, featuring BEAM, is a celebration of aspirations and dreams

"Some of us live to reach the unattainable, no matter how delusional we might feel or seem to others"
28th October 2023

Norway’s Delara is undeniably one such force to be reckoned with. Endorsed by Alicia Keys and gracing stages alongside the likes of Dua Lipa, Khalid, and Kali Uchis, Delara has propelled herself into the global spotlight with a listenership in the millions. Now, with her latest single Kalash, featuring Jamaican-American rapper BEAM, she’s set to conquer new horizons.

Delara’s star-studded journey reads like a fairy tale written in the language of music. The single, characterized by a timeless pop sensibility and an exhilarating chorus, is poised to dominate the club scene, following the euphoria of her recent release, Didn’t You Know.

“Kalash” serves as a precursor to Delara’s highly-anticipated debut album, a project that promises to be a pivotal milestone in her illustrious career. The single not only showcases her melodic prowess but also hints at the artistic versatility that will undoubtedly define the upcoming album. With a dedication to showcasing her Norwegian heritage, Delara’s musical journey becomes a transcendent exploration of cultural identity through the power of sound.

In Delara’s own words: “Kalash is a track that praises ambitions and dreams. Some of us live to reach the unattainable, no matter how delusional we might feel or seem to others. We uncompromisingly follow our hearts even though there are big risks at stake, because we know that chasing your dreams while remaining your values and being true to yourself, is what makes us feel like we are alive. We shoot for the stars”

As Kalash takes center stage, Delara is set to captivate audiences with a series of appearances. From gracing the stage at TV-aksjonen alongside the renowned KORK orchestra to featuring as a distinguished guest on the widely acclaimed podcast, Big 5, she’s leaving her mark. The route culminates with a performance at Norway’s prestigious P3 Gull Awards, solidifying her status among international icons.

Born in Sweden, raised by Iranian parents, and now a prominent figure in Norway, Delara’s journey is a tapestry of diverse influences. Her complex relationship with her heritage, expressed through Persian poetry, is not just a musical backdrop but a passionate stance on social issues. From joining protests to speaking out against political regimes, Delara’s music becomes a powerful voice for change.

As Delara reaches for the stars, her journey transcends the realms of music; it’s a declaration and a lasting imprint on the world. Guided by the brilliance of Kalash, Delara is poised to etch her name among the luminaries in the vast constellation of global pop sensations.

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