DEJA Talks Debut EP, Female Power And The Future

By Moni B

Unveiling her debut EP just the other week, DEJA has left quite the impression with singles Sit Down, Ted Talk and Control paving the way into this fiery release. Hailing from Birmingham, residing in London, DEJA brings a vast array of flavours to this project with inspirations ranging from Destiny’s Child to Quincy Jones, to her Grandmother as her source of female prowess.

I’m lucky. I grew up with all kinds of great music around me. I’m from a family of serious music lovers, you see.

We caught up with this exciting artist to learn more and you can read it here… 

Hey DEJA, we love the sound of your new EP ‘Intro’ – what kind of introduction were you hoping to make with its release? 

The EP is just a scene setter. I’ve got albums worth of music still to come. “Intro” is literally just the introduction to me, DEJA, musically and energy-wise. Just the beginning bby!

Who are your core inspirations both for the EP and your music more generally?

I’m lucky. I grew up with all kinds of great music around me. I’m from a family of serious music lovers, you see. But I’m definitely most influenced by the music that led my teens. R&B bby! The J-Lo’s, the Destinys Child’s, the Rihanna’s. All the bad b’s basically 💅🏾

If you had to pick a favourite track on the EP, what one would it be and why?

Pfffff. Couldn’t ask a more difficult question but imma try. “Paris” is the sexy in me, “Control” is the domme in me, “Losing Game” is a promise to myself to put myself first, “Last Dance” is my attempt at romance looool. But my fave? I guess I’ll go with my the track that reps my most frequent mood – “Sit Down”. I’ve been surrounded by strong ass women my whole life. This one’s a reminder for the women how incredible we are. Period. And for that reason, it’s my fave. 

We sense a lot of female power energy, which we love (!), where did this direction come from?

Oh hell yes! Genetics bruh. Like I say, I’m blessed to be surrounded by strong women. My mother, my grandmother, my sister. It’s in my blood. 

If you could give any music artist in the world a first listen to your EP who would it be and why?

Rihanna, ya know. Or Quincy Jones. Or Doja Cat. Nah, Drake. Oooo, Nicki Minaj. 

Fuck it. I’m greedy. All of ‘em. 

Tell us a bit about DEJA in the lead up to your EP release – what had you achieved and how did you get to where you are now?

I’ve been working on this music thing since I was 13. Doing SO much work for free just to be around the pros, working on projects for months that don’t even end up coming out, in and out of dead end sessions looking for the right people and sound. The grind has been real and it WON’T stop. BTS-wise, this EP for me, marks the fact that I’ve found my team and relishing in it!

What’s in the pipeline for DEJA in 2021?

More music. More flames! Seriously keep an eye.