interview: DeEtta Jain’s ‘The Twist to the Glitch’ is a fascinating and futuristic hyper pop gem

"It's about feeling like a speed bump in the timeline, a glitch in the matrix, and having an unwavering notion that one does not belong here"
31st October 2022

DeEtta Jain is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and producer of visual projects, based in Denver, Colorado. Her latest project, The Twist to the Glitch, is an avant-garde, electro-pop delight, complete with a music video that perfectly complements DeEtta’s soothing vocals and compelling lyrics, set to a bright, shiny soundtrack. 

‘’The song is about feeling like a speed bump in the timeline, a glitch in the matrix, and having an unwavering notion that one does not belong here,’’ DeEtta says. ‘’It is also about the surreal and stunning emotion that is felt when you find someone who feels the same way. Perhaps we can data mosh out of frame together holding hands and say “fuck all this”.’’

The song itself is fascinating, futuristic hyper pop that’s got a cool edge without trying too hard. The music video, which DeEtta herself visualized, is the perfect accompaniment; it feels like a moving painting, with trippy visuals, stunning cinematography, and some compelling storytelling.

‘’The ideology behind “the twist to the glitch” is that some of us very well may be glitches in reality. It is not a comforting notion, but when two people who feel this same way find one another, if they ever do, something extraordinary occurs. It’s love,’’ DeEtta explains.

‘’I wanted the video to display different fever dream-esque locations and wardrobe styling that play into this idea. I wanted it to feel drug-induced and electrifying.’’

With this project, DeEtta takes us gently by the hand to join her in a bubble of brilliant sound and colour, linking her experience and passion for dance, art and music in one piece that gives a first-time listener a taste of who she is as an artist, and will leave you wanting more.

Congratulations on the release of your brand-new song! The music video for Twist in the Glitch is terrific, and we noticed that you’re credited as the creative director for the video. Can you tell us a little about how you were able to bring your vision to life?

Absolutely. This whole project has been a long time coming. Feeling like a glitch or a hiccup, in reality, is a feeling that has sat inside of me for multiple years. It’s a loud feeling. I worked with altr. agency on visuals for my EP titled “Boys to Men” in 2021. They make a vision tangible and real. Our dynamic is top tier honestly. So, once the song was finished being made with Stephen Patrick I could explain in more clarity to the team what I saw for the video. I started with a mood board that sprouted the wardrobe, locations, and pacing. One puzzle piece at a time, we pieced it together. Hunter & Jordan are so experienced and it comes through in every single step of their process. They ask questions and point things out that I’d never ever think of. They technically and logistically explain to me what it will take to capture each scene. With all of our minds and skills meshed together, we gave flight to this visual. I owe them my life! Best two days of my year, by far.

What is it like to be both on screen and behind the camera on a project like this?

Oh it’s the best. Someday I want to be primarily behind the camera. Thankfully, the group fully understood what we needed to snag so the stress really resided in doing my hair/makeup/performances to the best of my ability. It’s cool when we’re filming something I’ve seen in my head for ages and I go peek at playback and get goosebumps. Like..damn. We’re doing it. Once that shot list is secured, the wardrobe is secured, and everyone shows up, from then on it’s relatively seamless.

You have a background in dance, which has led you to music – what helped you to make that decision to pursue a career as a musician?

I didn’t really follow any steps following high school graduation that would have led me to dance full-time in a company or for commercial work. I was very headless in 2016 and felt strongly that I needed to explore other things, as well as hold off on accumulating college debt. My creative partner at that time showed me that I had some hidden abilities and that made me want to continue growing musically. My journey thus far has been an amalgamation of bad choices, failures, and confusion. Jack of all trades master of none type beat. So, dance really became something I do to stay alive as opposed to a desired career. It goes well with everything I love. It goes with film, fashion/fabric, and sound. Once that clicked in my brain, it seemed like the best way to go after all of these mediums was through music. Like, oh my gosh, if I work on music I can very easily incorporate dance and movement as well. I can combine all of this into my own special mess.

What has your journey as an up-and-coming musician been like so far?

It’s been super lovely at some moments and super ugly at others. I have a lot of imposter syndrome because I don’t know music theory and technically only ever trained to be a dancer. At times I feel I don’t deserve to pursue the art form. Until 2020 it felt as though it was all just something I was chasing and not something I was doing. Now I feel like I’m doing it. I’ve always held on tight to this idea that everything in my world is nonlinear and that would be a perfect word to describe my journey. I’m sure the wavy lines will carry on! I will do my best to flow with them and not against them.

What can we expect from you in the next twelve months?

I’m eager to release several singles throughout 2023. I’m eager to perform outside of the variety shows I host. Visually, I’m going to settle down a little bit and put more resources strictly into the quality of the music. Or at least if I do visuals, I’m going to go about it a bit differently. All the things 🙂

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