Deep Thought shares futuristic album ‘Sun God’ feat. Bryson the Alien

"Matt's production as Deep Thought is truly unique and futuristic compared to conventional hip-hop beats"
16 June 2023

The work of Deep Thought is unbelievably compelling and should not be overlooked.

Now the the Denver-based producer is back with an exciting new eight-track album, called Sun God featuring Bryson the Alien. A dazzling and complex project where hip hop elements blend into electronica.

Bryson the Alien shared his experience of creating this album with the enigmatic producer: “Matt’s production as Deep Thought is truly unique and futuristic compared to conventional hip-hop beats. He brings my raw vocals and ideas to life in a cinematic way. The album concept and artwork draw inspiration from the title track and pay homage to ancient Mayan civilizations. I’ve always been interested in their understanding of the galaxy, planets, death, reincarnation, and spirituality. It’s a representation of that historical period.”

Sun God is a standout track from the album; it starts with creepy synths and Bryson the Alien‘s distinct flow, this creates a visual and moody journey for the listeners, with distorted vocals and cinematic drums.

You can definitely hear euphoric chords and captivating vibes on tracks like Sunrise and Duke Nukem. Deep Thought also has classic lo-fi hip-hop sounds on Come Get It! and Big Tuna In The City, which is what he’s known for.

Switching things up, Chronic 4001 takes you on a unique sonic journey; its blend of low-key and electrifying hip-hop vibes gives it an underground vibe, Force Field is another stand-out track, with its otherworldly feel and spooky sound effects backed up by creepy vocals.

Bruce Banner rounds off the album nicely, blending sultry synths and eerie beats.

The Denver artist has the ability to discover the talent of underground music and his production skills clearly show he’s doing extraordinary work here.

Deep Thought‘s Sun God feat. Bryson the Alien, will leave you wanting more and wondering what’s gonna be next.