Deep Sea Peach Tree Quickfire Questions

With their 2017 debut album Vaguely Navy lighting up the New York psych-pop scene upon its release, the city’s Deep Sea Peach Tree have seen their profile go from strength to strength in the last couple of years. With the band returning earlier this year with their brilliant comeback single Glockcoma, they are keen to get themselves back out there once again.

So with their new cut ‘Certain Thoughts’ dropping in the past few weeks, we decided to sit down with the group to find out more about their influences and what surprises they have in store for us in the months to come.

Your music has been described “sleepy surf rock” as well as “dreamy/jazzy/garage rock”. Can you tell us what has inspired you most over the years? Which artists have you connected with the most?

We’re influenced by a wide variety of different artists/bands. The first one I’ll mention is Wes Montgomery. A Jazz guitar legend who I personally love. That combined with classic surf rock from the 60’s and 70’s like The Ventures, modern indie rock, and occasionally a punk band like The Raincoats, High Pop, or Flipper.

You recently released your new single Certain Thoughts, which follows your debut album alongside the track Glockcoma. Can you tell us how your latest material contrasts with that on your first full-length?

The newer material is more polished, bright and vocal-centric. The first album Vaguely Navy is a three-piece band set up with no keys or samples and it’s definitely a “rock band” type of album. These recent singles are a mix of more polished sounding songs which include keys, samples, two guitars and with help from other members with song writing, whereas in the past it was all me (Kristof). There are a few songs in our older style but with a much higher production quality and more emphasis on vocals.

And what is the message and meaning behind Certain Thoughts? What influenced you to write it?

The idea behind certain thoughts is for it to be a documentation of various thoughts I’ve had throughout my life. Good, bad, existential or dreadful. The upcoming album is going to be titles Certain Thoughts with this song as the first track. Each song focuses on a different thought or struggle. So essentially the album is a collection of certain thoughts. 

You are clearly on a roll with the new material, so can we be expecting a lot more from you in the months to come?

Yes, Certain Thoughts is the last single and title track of our upcoming album, which we plan to release in January or February of 2020.

And while 2019 is soon to be over, do you have any plans for when 2020 finally kicks in?

Yes we plan to start off 2020 (and the new decade) strong with the release of our next album in January or February.  Have a listen to Certain Thoughts in the player below.