Decorating should be all about creativity and enjoyment, with as little stress as possible. Preparing a home or work area so it is practical, attractive and efficiently run firstly depends on personal style, but also on that crucial component, the available budget. How much is spent relies on various factors.

Is the furniture already in place, or will a portion of the budget be spent on furniture and fittings? wallcover8Can these be sourced without major expenditure? Here are the main considerations when decorating your home or workspace on a budget:

Finding suitable furniture without breaking the bank

There are many local thrift stores and charity shops which stock vintage and modern used home and office furniture. Also check out online sites that sell (or sometimes even give away) quality used goods.

Craigslist and eBay are obvious examples, but there are many websites where you can source good, inexpensive furniture for your home. Sand down wooden furniture, or paint more modern pieces for a new look. Vintage furniture can also be given a ‘distressed’ paint finish for a trendy ‘shabby chic’ finish.wallcover1Wall Coverings on a Budget

Finding quality yet cheap wallpaper is a great option for covering walls in a creative and practical way, and Engelbert Strauss has a good selection online. wallcover9Another inexpensive way to cover your walls is to simply paint them in one neutral colour, like white or silver grey.

A feature wall can then be wallpapered inexpensively or stencilled in another paint colour with an attractive all over pattern. There are many stencil libraries you can source online and the end result can be very pleasing.

Window Treatments on a Budget

Attractive fabric does not need to be costly. Colourful yet inexpensive saris and fine throws can be used as curtains for a striking, statement look in the home. A curtain pole can be threaded through the knotted fringe at the ends of the throw, for an informal and simple window dressing. wallcover5Inexpensive, flimsy gauze is also perfect for using against the window under heavier curtains as these filter light from outside and retain the privacy of the occupants.

Pretty pennant flags can be tied across the top of curtains for a quick and easy valance. In the work place, inexpensive blinds can be made from hard wearing fabric using a blind making kit. There are many ways to make do and mend when decorating. These are just a few to start with.