By Vee D

Deborah Williams’ track, Show Me the Way, works as the ideal introduction to her cinematic pop bliss. The lush single reflects on the feeling of being lost within one’s life.

Hi Deborah! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How are you doing? 

I am doing fine. Coincidentally, “How am I doing?” was actually the original title of this song.

Who are some of your biggest musical and non-musical inspirations and why?

Joni Mitchell, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Guns n Roses, Leonard Cohen, Ella Fitzgerald, just to name a few. I listened to a lot of folk music growing up, as well as jazz, rock, and pop. My parents worked in theatre, so I also had a lot of opera and classical music playing in the background of my childhood. Poetry is a big non-musical inspiration – Rumi is a firm favorite of mine. I’m also inspired by nature, people, art, great thinkers, and philosophers. In fact, come to think about it, inspiration is everywhere.

What are you thinking right now?

Whether or not I should be allowing my new puppy to destroy my slippers. I’m picking my battles!

What was the first album you bought?

My first single that I can remember clearly was ‘Japanese Boy’ by Aneke. The first album I physically bought may have been Belinda Carlisle! Am I showing my age…?

Tell us everything we should know about your latest release ‘Show Me the Way’.

It’s a song about life and wondering what it’s all for. The times when you realize the absurdness of it all and wonder why no one else seems to be on the same page. It’s about questioning if you are on the right path; about longing for reassurance amongst the chaos. So a light little number really!

Show Me the Way‘ explores some interesting stylistic and genre crossovers. What were some of the key influences on this track as you were writing? 

I think there’s definitely a filmic influence in this track, as well as a bit of a trip-hop. I like big soundscapes, layered vocal melodies and exploring harmonies.

Describe your music in 5 words.

Cinematic, electronic, singer-songwriter, light voice: heavy backdrop…I’m clearly better at songwriting than counting!

Do you have any exciting plans to share with us for your music in 2021?

I’m releasing several songs this year, from my Light Album. Many of them are written around words that have a real potency to me, like Devotion, The Still, and The One You Feed. I’m also continuing to work with great filmmakers, which is always exciting!