Dealing With Trauma For Better Mental Health

By Vanessa B

Dealing with any type of trauma can lead to a feeling of worry. Anxiety and worry come hand in hand and can be crippling for many. So, how do you learn to tackle these emotions head-on? As with any type of mental illness, it isn’t always easy to make a change. However, if you have been triggered due to an accident or some type of injury, then indeed you may want to get some help. Firstly, it may begin with worrying you do not have the justice you deserve. That is why there are dependable car accident lawyers that are there to take your side. This is important if you wish to take the first step towards normality. Justice must prevail. 

Getting the treatment you need following this is also vital.  Differences between different types of traumatic events It is thought that trauma is necessarily the result of a defined and clear event. It is one that can be traced and characterized in a simple way. For example a car accident. A messy divorce. Job loss. Sometimes, the intensity of each event in itself is tolerated to some extent and one that allows for continued proper functioning and conduct in the world. However, when it becomes lasting, then we will expect traumatic consequences. Moreover, when the traumatic injury is done by a close person, one that we depend on, we will be able to notice a deceptive pattern. This may be identified with concern in the soul of the injured person. 

Is it treatable? 

Stress and PTSD is treatable. Studies have found that one of the most effective interventions for the prevention of PTSD states is an immediate therapeutic intervention. A therapist can work with you to make your life feel a little more bearable and with a good support network, you can make a better life a reality. 

This intervention will focus on defining the threatening situation and you will work to create basic mental activities of emotional connections. For example, the therapist will ask the patient daily questions in order to connect them to the present. Therefore, by creating actions, the person regains the sense of control that seems to have completely disappeared in the face of the traumatic event. It is possible to process the case and the traumatic memories that were created in its wake near the time of the event, in a safe space with a professional and empathetic therapist. There is no need to suffer in silence.

There are many other ways to improve this feeling. Exercise, healthy habits and good sleep patterns are best. They may seem easier said than done. However, finding someone to work out with or go for a walk with, could help reset your negative mind. You should also consider online help groups and speak out to friends. It is never helpful to bear the burden alone. It only prolongs the suffering instead of being able to zap it quicker. It’s time to take control back. And it is possible. 


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