dead-horse-beatsDead Horse Beats – the intriguing sonic project from Montreal’s Patrick Wade – reveals this splendidly produced and exquisitely heartbreaking video – directed, photographed & edited by Justin Black – for ‘Dive’, a jazz and soul shaded, electronic bliss, taken from his impressive ‘Bad Hopes’ EP, out now on Bastard Jazz Recordings.
Wade told Thump: “Dive is a track I wrote about the end of a turbulent relationship and the period that followed. At the time of shooting, the actors were actually a couple. They split up shortly before its release. After sending them the video, I saw Sharon at a party, who greeted me with ‘Hey! You made a music video about my breakup!’ She told me she watches it when she wants to embrace feeling sad. I dread to think I played a part in willing that into being, but I do think there’s something kind of special about being able to capture that part of their lives, and I hope it’s something other people can connect to.”

Speaking of the EP, Wade says…‘Bad Hopes’ is a depiction of “shameful desires. You hope your friend gets sick so you won’t have to honour the plans you made, you hope to catch a partner cheating so you can have an excuse to end the marriage, maybe you hope someone would just die. This record is more or less about that kind of thing.”