Dead Chic share their debut single ‘Too Far Gone’ via Upton Park

By Frank Bell

Recently formed indie-rock duo Dead Chic have released their debut single ‘Too Far Gone’ through Upton Park records. The musical endeavor of Damien Felix (Catfish & Bigger) and Andy Balcon (Heymoonshaker), Dead Chic was formed after the pair began crossing paths during their European tours. ‘Too Far Gone’ sees Damien and Andy craft a spaghetti-western-inspired, indie-rock banger perfect for Quentin Tarantino’s next film. Oozing in swagger, ‘Too Far Gone’ is driven by 60s-sounding drum grooves, soulful guitar melodies, and raspy vocal performances. Their debut single is also accompanied by an official music video featuring stunning black and white cinematic visuals. 

When asked about their new single ‘Too Far Gone’, the duo described that “Damien and I had discussed working together for quite some time, after meeting on tour throughout the last decade around Europe. Our shared passion for cinematic nostalgia found in music, be it spaghetti western tones or the beat narration of the 1950s laid a clear foundation for what we set out to create. Damiens reverb-loaded, open chord guitar playing allows the audience to experience the riffs in an alternate way to that of traditional tuning. For me lyrically it was important to paint a picture of the landscape I found myself in when working on the song, I allow the listener to have a clear vision of isolation in a barren plain and pay homage to one’s shadow in which we all live with.

Photo by Craig Bingham



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