De Bruyne: A Unique Player

The footballer is usually mentioned due to his technical ability, creativity, and vision.
20 May 2023

The Belgian superstar was born on June 28, 1991, in Ghent, Belgium. The player grew up there, and it is not surprising that he started playing football at a very young age. The career began with KVV Drogen, but he moved to Genk in 2005 to keep on improving his skills before going to the senior team. It was there that players began to bet on it in pay n play casino 2023.

The footballer is usually mentioned due to his technical ability, creativity, and vision. De Bruyne is a skilled dribbler and has excellent passing accuracy, which allows him to score goals and create chances for his teammates.

The star has managed to win a lot of individual awards, such as Premier League Playmakers of the Season and the PFA Player`s Player of the Year.

A Few Facts About De Bruyne You Might Not Know

Further, you will find a few things about this person that may be surprising to you:

1.     He was eligible to play for Burundi. The star was eligible to represent the Burundi national team and Belgium. The thing is that his mother was born in the African nation before she started living in Europe.

2.     A punishment turned into a boon. The player is considered to be a highly skilled two-footed footballer because he is able to use both his feet effectively. He is known to make passes, take shots, and cross the ball with any foot, which makes it hard to predict his moves. However, it would have been impossible if his parents had not forced him to use his weaker foot. The thing is that the player used to kick the ball so hard that he damaged plant pots. That is why they told him to only use his weaker foot to take shots.

3.     He is an Olympic Ambassador. The star was mentioned as the official ambassador of the Special Olympics in 2014.

4.     He can speak several languages. The player can speak a few languages fluently. De Bruyne happens to be a native Dutch speaker, and he also knows French, English, and German. In addition to that, there is some proficiency in Spanish. Knowing several languages is a valuable skill for a professional player because it allows him to communicate with his teammates effectively.

5.     Ginger Pele. It is nothing but a nickname he got from some media outlets and fans. It perfectly describes his skills as a player (Pele was the Brazilian football legend) and the color of his hair. This nickname reflects the player`s ability to control games, score goals, and make incisive passes, much like Pele used to do during his career. In interviews, the footballer acknowledged it and expressed appreciation for the comparison to the legend.

6.     Breakthrough season. The breakthrough season was the 2014-2015 campaign. That is when he provided 28 assists and scored 16 goals. The Belgian helped his club finish second in Bundesliga, guided it to the DFB Pokal title, and achieved the Europa League`s quarterfinal.

7.     Belgian Sportsman of the Year. In 2015, the player got the Belgian Sportsman of the Year award. It is given out every year to the top Belgian athlete in any kind of sport, and it recognizes their contributions to the sporting world as well as their achievements.

8.     A charitable person. The star was involved in a few charitable initiatives during his career. De Bruyne started the “Kevin De Bruyne Foundation” in 2020, the goal of which was to empower and support disadvantaged kids and young people in Belgium and other countries. The foundation is focused on health, education, and personal development and works with different organizations to support young people and children in need.