DD DARILLO’s TIME WILL TELL: A Sort Of Fuzzed Up, Head Banger Style To Depict The Sense Of Chaos…

"TIME WILL TELL to me is a bit like a mirror serving a purpose of basic self inquiry into what makes up my identity...who on earth am I? What the heck am I doing in a Tesco's on Cowbridge Road, Cardiff at 4 in the morning?"
15 December 2020
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By Frank Bell

DD Darillo, the musical brainchild of Boy Azooga member Dylan Morgan, presents Time Will Tell , a sort of fuzzed up, head banger style to depict the sense of chaos I had when he was writing it… The rather convincing track, works as the ideal introduction to their enticing offering, a mix of progressive, soulful and psychedelic vibes, that demand attention from the start…

Hi DD Darillo how are you?

All good in the hood thanks.

You’ve released new single ‘Time Will Tell‘, can you tell us about the themes contained within the song?

Absolutely! I think lyrically for me Time Will Tell is about the unsureness of your where to ultimately call home at the end of the day. I wrote it in this sort of fuzzed up, head banger style to depict the sense of chaos I had when I was writing it.

Time Will Tell to me is a bit like a mirror serving a purpose of basic self inquiry into what makes up my identity…who on earth am I? What the heck am I doing in a Tesco’s on Cowbridge Road, Cardiff at 4 in the morning?
That line ”Aberystwyth was my home or was it Tregaron?’ is reference to living between two different locations for most of my childhood (although very close proximately) I never could call one or the other home.
My parents are Welsh and German and I was born in England. Watching sports is an absolute nightmare for me, can’t support anyone…so much opposition, although nearly all political.

But yeah leaving the area later in my life actually made me feel a lot more connected to the place I grew up because I realised I inherently missed it!

How does the creative process work when writing new material??

Very short answer: mess around until it sounds good!

Long answer: My creative process usually starts with coffee, strong as I can take it, Columbian roast ideally…Ethiopian is a bit too bitter for my liking. Straight out the mocha pot, thick like black treacle!

I’ll quite often begin mindlessly noodling with an array of different instruments in my studio. Whether its with an old 70’s Moog, turning knobs on guitar pedals, or just programming nonsensical drum grooves on the beat pad…I feel like I’m constantly searching for something that’s gonna transfix me enough to want to continue with it if you get me.

Hopefully a riff, vocal melody or chord pattern will start to stick out that has some kind of potential. I’ll then play that basic part/idea over and over again, sometimes hundreds of times in a nuance of different fashions – faster, slower, softer, harder, different keys, different time signatures, less notes, more notes etc.

I do this to make the part more visceral in my mind and body and to see how changing it makes me feel different about the idea. Once I feel it’s solidified enough, I’ll get to recording these fresh ideas quite quickly. Building with other instrumentation on top, using the initial idea as a foundation for more inspiration. I try to get to demo version quite fast, not worrying about quality per se. I do this because the moment of excitement in birthing the new idea can be so fleeting sometimes.

I like to use the analogy that the ‘answer is within the question’. So if the initial idea was the question, I can usually find the rest of the track in there! Once this process has taken form of a rough song, that’s when the real work begins to make it a an actual bona fide hit baby!

I try to give as little judgment to the process as possible, it’s a bit like being a child with crayons, being more excited with the movement of colour on the page rather than the end of goal of creating something specific…well at least that’s what I tell myself!

How has the pandemic impacted upon the art you create?

To be completely honest I’ve actually really enjoyed it! I appreciate that’s gonna be quite an unpopular opinion, but I say that as it’s given me and the other DD Darillo members time to hone our skills and spend more hours hunkering down on our craft.

I’ve recorded more than I have in years, written more and practised more…it’s been great in that respect.

Yes of course who wouldn’t want to be playing shows right now, but this could well be a blessing in disguise. For the art that’s been created through this period of time, I really believe there has to be some sort of musical renaissance once people can show what they’ve been working on again soon… a bit like a compressed coil waiting to spring back into action!

As a Welsh band, does the country influence the kind of music you produce?

Environment is a huge factor and no doubt DD Darillo has been influenced by its peers and location. I personally grew up in a very remote part of West Wales, where there wasn’t a huge amount of music but it’s location inspired a lot of bands to visit there and write music.

A lot of artists came to visit and ‘drop out’ in the mountains there and I definitely think the psychedelic element has had some sort of influence on the music I write.

Much like Welsh bands Super Furry Animals and Gorkys Zygotic Monkeys that I’m inspired by. That being said where I live in Cardiff, there is a fantastic bustling scene of amazing bands coming through, such as Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, Melin Melyn, Bug Club, Panic Shack among many others.

How has the music industry changed since you began playing in bands

There are kids uploading dances to Tik-Tok right now getting signed to major record labels (yes dances…not even songs which is actually hilarious). You guys still using myspace yeah? Nah bro, of course not – it’s evolved faster than you can even say myspace!

Man I think it was different even a week ago, but the marked change that I’ve noticed in my time being in bands is how easy it is promote and market yourself. It’s easy stand on the sidelines and boohoo social media and it’s inherent dark flaws, but every artist in the world now has the world at their fingertips.

Many acts have proved that you don’t necessarily need traditional institutions to build their audiences, book their shows, manage their PR, create their artwork, music videos etc…..many have done it all on their own from their tiny phones! That’s bonkers no?

How would you describe your sound and where do you think your music fits in today’s world?

I’ve been told we sound like a cross between: Dungen, Pond, Steely Dan and Supertramp! Which is fine by me. I think although we have some more 70’s influences in our music, I lyrically often write about my own 1st world problems, which I’m assuming is a very modern issue!

If you were stranded on a desert island which three albums would you choose to wash up on the shore?

Screw the albums, I hope Bear Grylls was on the same boat that got washed up so he could help us get out!

With live performances on hold for the moment, do you have any plans to find different ways to connect with your fans?

Yeah we’ve started to make ‘how to sound like DD Darillo vids recently’ for all the singles that are to come out. Basically where I go through recorded session and get nerdy with all the songwriting arrangement and mixing process. Just to give fans more of an idea on how we create our sound as it were.

What are your plans for 2021?

Just to play a single show with actual humans again. Don’t care where….McDonalds car park would be cool. Feels like so long that I’m not even sure I remember how to play my guitar!

Although I’m sure when we’re back on the stage it will all come flooding back….’Yo Oli I’ve just remembered how to play the G chord….lets go’
Yeah I think when that becomes a reality again, I’ll let you know what the next plan for DD is….anybody else fancy a Fillet O’ Fish now or just me?