DAVID44 Teams Up With Dua Lipa’s Hitmaker Songwriter CAROLINE AILIN

By Frank Bell

Understood is the ideal introduction to DAVID44’s electro-pop bliss. The exquisite pop number is the fruit of his collaboration with Dua Lipa’s Norwegian hitmaker songwriter, Caroline Ailin.

On the collaboration with Caroline Ailin, the Icelandic/Danish artist reveals: “Caroline is basically one of the world’s hottest songwriters right now. And to be honest, it’s almost a joke that she wrote a song with me,” DAVID44 smiles as he recalls meeting Caroline who is dating one of his  best friends. He continues: “COVID-19 had caused lockdowns and we started to drop by each others  places for dinner all the time. Isolated and bored to death we ended up jamming some nights and together  we created Understood.” 

David elaborates on his collaboration with Caroline, that became a learning process on songwriting and  the importance of making strong lyrics: “Caroline focus on lyrics before anything else and knows just how  to express an abundance of feelings in very few words. One thing is musical taste, how to make melodies  and produce but putting down meaningful lyrics for a song is a whole other thing – and working with  Caroline has with out a doubt made me grow and develop as a songwriter.” 

Understood is out now on indie label Thunderboy Records