Irish/Italian composer/writer David J Caron talks about ‘Invisible’ and opens up about his “Melodic Metamorphic Metaphoric Modern Memorable, Catchy Popular Rock Music”…’Invisible’ is his 6th single following the release of his 28 track mega debut album ‘Thru Ever Ending Black’. Invisible by David J Caron Can you talk about your new track “Invisible”? What’s the story behind it? “Invisible” is my latest release. It was written as most of my tracks are, by inventing a vocal melody while playing a chord sequence on an acoustic guitar. That’s how it begins. Once I have a basic structure of basic parts I
1st July 2015

Irish/Italian composer/writer David J Caron talks about ‘Invisible’ and opens up about his “Melodic Metamorphic Metaphoric Modern Memorable, Catchy Popular Rock Music”…’Invisible’ is his 6th single following the release of his 28 track mega debut album ‘Thru Ever Ending Black’.

Can you talk about your new track “Invisible”? What’s the story behind it?

“Invisible” is my latest release. It was written as most of my tracks are, by inventing a vocal melody while playing a chord sequence on an acoustic guitar. That’s how it begins. Once I have a basic structure of basic parts I start putting guide tracks into Cubase, to arrange and structure the song. Then, once I have the structure and vocal melodies how I think I like them, I write lyrics to fit the rhythmic timings of the vocal melodies.

The song “Invisible” , lyrically, is written as all my lyrics are, in so much that they are not about any one theme or concept in particular. I do my best to write lyrics that can be interpreted differently by different people, that can relate to many different thought processes while also trying to paint cryptic images in the listener’s mind for them to try and unravel and make sense of themselves. I never say that any particular song is about a certain specific topic or story, not so far anyway. If someone asks me what a song is about, I ask them to listen to it and to tell me what they think it is about and what it conveys to them.

Suffice it to say that, many things can be thought of as being “Invisible” whether it is feeling Invisible to someone else, being Invisible to someone who you long to be visible to and noticed by, can be very disheartening, or whether it is something that is hidden in plain sight, but cannot be seen by the majority of people. There are also references to being brave enough to dive into the “Invisible”, the as yet unknown. There are references to that which is “Invisible”, becoming slowly and inevitably visible, over time, as people may awake, for example as in the line ” it feels like the moon is rising, just to silhouette me into your view”.

Can you describe your sound in 5 words?

I could choose 5 words, but no amount of words could accurately or totally describe anything. My sound. Like any other would need to be heard and experienced to be fully appreciated, apart from the fact that it also changes with each track. It would be like attempting to use 5 words to convey a stormy winter’s sunset in Ancient Greece, to a blind alien. But in a world where we have to use words to describe on paper what can only be understood with ears connected to a brain, I usually say that my music is “Melodic Metamorphic Metaphoric Modern Memorable, Catchy Popular Rock Music!” So that’s 5 words beginning with M at least 🙂

Following your highly enjoyable 28 track debut album “Thru Ever Ending Black”, when are we going to see a new album?

I tend to concentrate on writing one new song at a time these days. The 28 track debut album was a build up of tracks waiting to be recorded for many years, many tracks on which were written over the last 15 years, some as far back as when I was at school, that I finally had to get recorded and unleashed to the world, mostly for my own sanity. I have since recorded another 6 singles (Do you remember, Claim your Victory, Omniscient Flames, Sometimes Never Comes Soon, Illusion and Invisible) which could all end up on a 2nd album perhaps…

…I also recently released a digital compilation album called “9 Singles” which included 5 singles from the debut album plus the 4 new singles I had written up to that point. Some have said that it is a good introduction into my style of music, although it is in fact only a small portion of my discography….Music listeners are bombarded from all angles with all kinds of content on the internet and social media, that it seems to be more desirable for fans as well as a better model for artists, to release more content more frequently, than to keep them waiting a year or more for an album, by which time they will have been distracted by too many other types of more readily available content, to be able to form as strong a connection with you, when you release releases, more often.

How did you start and when?

I learned to play guitar when I was at secondary school, after hearing AC/DC on the radio one day when going to football practice with my friends, funnily enough after not wanting anything to do with a guitar at national school. I then began to write riffs and songs almost immediately. I have always been more interested in creating my own, than copying or playing anyone else’s, apart from for the purpose of initially learning to play. I joined different bands after I left school and gigged in the UK as well as Ireland, but not in anything spectacularly ground-breaking to write home about!

In 2010 I decided to record properly, once and for all, most of the songs I had written up to that point as well as writing some new ones which also ended up in the debut album. The album as well as the other 6 singles since, have received many great reviews from industry professionals and fans alike. It seems to attract, captivate and unite fans from all different backgrounds of music, not just from a certain genre. This is by design as well as being an unavoidable natural occurrence in my style and philosophy. My music has received a fair bit of airplay all over the world to date and many positive comments from fans who just like it, regardless of what genre it is supposed to be. I believe that you either like music or you don’t. Nothing else matters to me, in making the decision. Like being attractied to anything or anyone, you have no say in the matter.

Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?

Lyrically, I gather inspiration and ideas from everything around me that I find fascinating, unusual, meaningful or important and interesting enough to share, although I tend to disguise it in a way that has to be thought about and deciphered by the listener.Musically, ideas just comes to me at any random moment, from where?.. I have no idea. The riff to ” Comin’ to get you” from the “Thru Ever Ending Black” album, actually came to me in my sleep.
I had this tune repeating endlessly in my head while dreaming. I had to wake myself up, get up and record it so I would not forget it, and so I could get back to sleep! I tend to find that when I start to write lyrics, they often just seem to pour out of me in a way that I can not understand, as if they have come from somewhere else and all these particular choices and groupings of endless permutations of words have suddenly found each other and become part of a new existence in the song I am writing, almost as if they were meant to be forever etched together as a collective work.

I don’t believe that is the case at all, but that is the way it feels sometimes when writing and when looking back at the finished work. It gives me great pride to have written words that I have toiled over their inclusion and order, until I am satisfied that they are as perfect as I will allow to be published for anyone in the world to read and think about while listening to the music they belong to.

What has been the hardest part of being in the music industry for you?

The music industry has obviously changed a lot from how I used to imagine it would be when I wasn’t trying to be part of it. Because of the internet it is now possible to reach almost any industry professional directly as well as targeting, finding and communicating directly with fans/new fans all over the world at any time as well as being able to share your music and photos etc immediately and easily via attachments, mp3’s and streaming links.

It has opened up the music business to give endless opportunities on endless sites to everyone at the click of a mouse, but because of vastly more affordable modern recording technology, it is now also possible for anyone and everyone to jump into this ocean of musicians and bands, all looking to be discovered, so it has inevitably become over-saturated with everyone trying to bring attention to themselves. Making money in the music business, as far as I can see now boils down to two different main sources of making serious income. Playing live and licensing your music to film/tv/games/ads etc.

As of yet, I have concentrated on being a recording artist, so I have not yet taken this project live. At some time in the future I hope to do so, but for now I am concentrating on licensing opportunities. The main trouble I find with licensing though, is that most music supervisors seem to be looking for the same type of bland, safe, meaningless, copycat artists, music, to use in the background of their ad or movie, or whatever and even though the music chosen often may work well for the use it is sync-licensed for, it rarely seems to be music that anyone would ordinarily want to actually listen to, which is a bit of a problem if you write music that is designed to have something to say and be listened to. It may not be noticed by many, but I rarely hear a licensed track behind an advert or film clip, that I would actually want to listen to. Maybe it’s just me ! 🙂

What kind of music do you listen to?

To be honest, I don’t listen to as much music as I used to or as much as I’d like to. I just don’t have the time. Any free time for music is usually spent working on music I am recording or writing new music or listening to my old recordings, to work out if I like them or not ! I can never decide if they are awesome or terrible ! 😉 I do get far more enjoyment from writing and recording my own music than I do from listening to other people’s music. I may be a little out of touch with what is going on in the wold musically at times, but I don’t really care to be honest.

Most of what I hear when I’m out and about, or on the radio, doesn’t really interest me, except on rare occasions. I have been lucky enough to see, hear and grow up with too much good music from all the great bands that have already existed, although conversely, when I do want to listen to music, I would rather always hear something brand new, than to listen to what my brain already knows inside out. I do love to discover and hear a great new track for the first time, but even that can never compare to writing one yourself and I always only begin writing and continue working on, music that I like to listen to.

And the only way to listen to music that is exactly as I want to hear it is to write it myself. When I was growing up, however I would spend every moment listening to AC/DC, Iron Maiden, The Eagles, Queen, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Status Quo, Metallica, Foreigner, Joe Satriani, Rush, Ozzy, Dio, Kings X, Survivor, Queensryche, Aerosmith, Megadeth, Thin Lizzy, Green Day, Def Leppard, Lynard Skynard, Motorhead, Chilli Peppers etc etc.. all the great bands I may have forgotten to include there. Nowadays I could potentially listen to anything as long as it’s melodic, catchy, memorable, different, original and just sounds fucking good, which could be anything from Muse, to 30 seconds to Mars, to Lower than Atlantis to Katy Perry, Rob Zombie, Coldplay, Foo fighters, Jazz or even David Guetta !

I’ve probably missed many other great artists out here, which is why I usually never like to get into this question, but just for a change, I have. As I said, I care nothing about genres. I either like the track or I don’t.

What’s coming next for you?

At the moment I am just finishing my latest new track “Magic”. It also has a different version, with different lyrics and music, which I may call “No Magic” I haven’t decided which I will release first yet. They are two different themes cryptically based around the concept of not believing in nonsense, since there seems to be an epidemic of doing so in the world today. I design all my own cover art so I am working on the cover for “Magic” at present. I also have a range of self -designed merchandise at davidjcaron.dizzyjam.com including T-shirts of my own designs as well as Lyric-themed T-shirts, also hoodies, caps & even mugs!

Any special requests for designs are considered and I have already designed some special once-only designs for certain fans that have asked. After that I hope to continue writing new music.

I already have over 200 new ideas waiting, recorded on my trusty Zoom handheld recorder for any spontaneous riffs and melodies that pop into my head. I am actively seeking licensing opportunities, getting more airplay, more fans are commenting on my songs and over 30 Youtube videos as well as joining the fan-list every day. I will work towards the 2nd album and at some point in time will look to play live with a show unlike any anyone has ever seen before, as only my head could invent it.. 😉



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