David Arlo gives an emotional experience with his new track ‘Speeding’ out on Arista Records

It's a powerful and emotional mixture of modern electronic-pop and soul atmosphere.
12 June 2023

David Arlo is embarking on a new journey and is ready to face the music industry with his serious talent. Speeding is the first single for the Elton John co-signed, London-born Nigerian artist, actor, and versatile creative.

David Arlo released his new tune Speeding on Arista Records, which is important since it is the same label as some of the biggest names in music such as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Prince and Outkast.

Speeding is a powerful and emotional mixture of modern electronic-pop and soul atmosphere. His singing brings out the true feelings behind the lyrics, making it a really emotional experience for all who hear it. It’s touching and easy to figure out.

The main focus of the song is a captivating piano that sets the tone with bold notes that resonate everywhere. Arlo has an amazing voice palette that enhances its performance.

He can go from sweet verse to beautiful choruses, attracting the attention of all spectators with his first-rate musical talents.

Arlo’s music explores themes such as self-esteem and personal growth, while emphasizing the need to distance yourself from places that don’t accept and understand who you are. This is profound and vulnerable, giving the audience food for thought.

He is blessed with a group of passionate creators who share his passion for music., David Arlo has teamed up with some of the best in the industry- Malay, Marcus Semaj and Boots – to work on his upcoming project. These music geniuses have worked on projects like Frank Ocean‘s ‘Channel Orange’+ ‘Blonde’, GIVEON‘s debut album and even Beyonce‘s self-titled album Beyonce.

Arlo recently announced plans to participate in a music industry drama series that will be co-produced by Lionsgate and Eleven. If you’re familiar with Netflix‘s Sex Education, you know that is the production company behind it.

It’s a pretty big deal for the artist to be on TV-it shows off their versatility and love for storytelling, both musically and through tv series.

David Arlo‘s collaboration with heavyweights in the music industry and a new TV project have consolidated his reputation as a huge player in the creative space.

Photo by Keaton Rich