Daria Mirea debuts heartfelt indie-pop single ‘Don’t Know Love Yet’

A promising indie-pop debut with a rich vocal flair that follows a year of the young artist working hard at honing her craft.
29 July 2022

By Vanessa B

Love and loss is a relatable theme that is ever relevant in songwriting. A motif that can be found in many songs of all different genres, eras, and styles, engendering some of the most powerful emotions we experience as humans. The trials and tribulations of young love and the regrets of what might have been can be especially intense and overpowering, something which Daria Mirea’s debut single Don’t Know Love Yet captures deftly.

Daria Mirea is a 21-year-old pop/soul singer and songwriter originally from Romania, but now based in London. After impressing the judges and audience on The Voice of Romania in 2018 with her vocal chops and stage presence, Daria began her songwriting journey in 2020, before taking up guitar and attending London Music School. She credits the likes of Adele, Noah Cyrus and Lewis Capaldi as some of her main inspirations.

Don’t Know Love Yet, written on a warm July evening, is a promising indie-pop debut with a rich vocal flair that follows a year of Daria working hard at honing her craft. The ballad opens gently as the listener is drawn in for reflection as Daria sets the romantic scene. Sweet-sounding acoustic guitar accompanies Daria’s vocals that range from delicate and light as a feather to full-bodied and passionate, full of emotional depth. Late night walks by the canal somewhere in Northern England are mentioned, as the songstress reminisces on the good and bad, laments the misery of losing one’s way in a toxic relationship: “you lost a good girl / and I lost my mind”.

Stream the single on Soundcloud or Spotify now and follow Daria via her social platforms linked below.