Darcey Hope unveils vulnerability and musical mastery in ‘let you listen to me’

"There can be such a pressure to have everything figured out when you’re still young, I wanted to write this song to say we’re all in the same boat"
20th October 2023

Building on the chart-topping triumph of maybe tomorrow, Darcey Hope returns with her latest single, let you listen to me, showcasing the exhilarating and innovative essence of this dynamic singer-songwriter. Breaking free from the confines of pop, the new release delivers a tender and melancholic journey, weaving an emotionally resonant and irresistibly infectious experience.

let you listen to me opens a window into Hope’s soul, revealing a sincerity and fragility that is rarely seen in today’s music scene. The track effortlessly balances its pop sensibilities with emotive depth and intricate musicality, showcasing the artist’s growth and maturity since her breakthrough.

​T​he song begins with a warm embrace of acoustic guitar and subtle electric guitar lines, setting the stage for Darcey’s silky, delicate lead vocals. The storytelling lyricism takes center stage, creating an intimate connection with the listener. As the song progresses into its second verse, the addition of warming bass, muted drums, and strategically placed guitar lines elevates the emotional resonance, leading to a swelling middle eight that captivates the senses. The track gracefully floats back into an affecting final verse, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s heart.

Hope‘s knack for crafting immersive musical experiences is undeniably impressive. Drawing parallels with revered artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Rose, Taylor Swift, and The Staves, Darcey Hope not only showcases her musical prowess but also demonstrates a profound understanding of capturing the nuances of delicate emotions.

In a recent conversation about the track, Hope shared her creative process and the inspiration behind the song. Struggling with writer’s block, she found solace in Lyndsay Buckingham’s song exploder podcast episode, realizing the power of stream-of-consciousness writing. The result? A song written in just 20 minutes that lays bare the vulnerability we all share, especially in the pressure to have life figured out at a young age.

Hope revelead: “I was having an awful spell of writer’s block trying to write a new song, when I listened to Lyndsay Buckhingam’s song exploder podcast episode talking about Go Your Own Way being a stream of consciousness.​ It inspired me to throw my ego out the window and write down whatever I was feeling, and I finished the song in 20 minutes. There can be such a pressure to have everything figured out when you’re still young, I wanted to write this song to say we’re all in the same boat. It’s by far my most vulnerable song yet and I’m excited for everyone to hear it.”

Darcey Hope‘s musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable, and she has earned a place among the top solo artists in the industry. With past successes reaching No.5 in the singer-songwriter charts and top 80 in mainstream iTunes charts, her upcoming release is highly anticipated. Supported by BBC Introducing and accolades like being Absolute Radio’s self-released artist of the month, Hope has graced major festivals, including 2000 Trees and Glastonbury.

Get ready to be swept away by the fluorescent likability and vulnerable charm of Darcey Hope‘s latest musical offering.


Photos by Harry Jenkins