Dante’s ‘I Wear Your Weight With Mine’ | Sonically atmospheric and lyrically poignant

Following their debut album release five years ago, Scottish collective Dante make a welcome return with the release of their sophomore album ‘I Wear Your Weight With Mine’.

The record has a stellar list of names attached to the project having been produced by Andy Monaghan, of Frightened Rabbit fame, and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana’s Nevermind). The fine supporting cast is completed by Tracy Maurice, known for her collaboration with Arcade Fire on Funeral and Neon Bible, who created the gorgeous album artwork.

In such illustrious company, there must be a certain level of pressure to produce the goods and, on I Wear Your Weight With Mine, Dante have duly delivered.

Opener ‘Beachcomber’, sonically atmospheric and lyrically poignant, is a beautifully arranged opening salvo and sets the tone for an album that gets better with every listen. Single ‘Rose’ accelerates out of the blocks, combining the band’s signature elements of traditional Scottish folk music with the grandiose indie rock that made the likes of The National and Idlewild famous.

‘Song’ and ‘Sermons’, complete with memorable hooks and big, big choruses, showcase singer Séan Mclaughlin’s vocals perfectly, and are enhanced further by on point harmonies and a rhythm section that knits everything together with aplomb.

The album closes out with the indie-pop soundscapes of ‘Crow’ followed by the measured, emotionally charged ‘Wolves’; a track that emphasises Dante’s ability to write mature, well crafted music that offers a level of depth their contemporaries would be proud of.

‘I Wear Your Weight With Mine’ is out now via Stitch Records.