Danish trio The Grenadines release ‘Smile’: A melodic ode to love and liberation

"Romance, intimacy, and appreciating each other can sometimes fade into the background of daily life when you become parents"
15 June 2024
Photo By Chilie Orloff

With their captivating melodies and genuine musicality, The Grenadines—comprising Kasper Ejlerskov, Dennis Debannic, and Morten Fillipsen—have firmly established themselves as a prominent musical force.

From the very first note, Smile stands apart—a bold new chapter in the Danish trio’s artistic journey. Listening to Smile isn’t just about vibing to the rhythm; it’s experiencing a liberating anthem that dismantles barriers between partners, fostering an atmosphere of desire and reigniting our longing for human connection.

Inspired by Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles, The Grenadines boast a devoted fan base who appreciate their hand-played music and heartfelt songs. With this new direction comes a wave of excitement; their latest release is poised to win over fans once again.

Beneath the opulent imagery and carnal desires depicted in Smile lies a poignant reminder of the importance of cherishing intimacy with loved ones. Morten Fillipsen, a recent father and band member, emphasizes the significance of nurturing romance amidst the responsibilities of parenthood: “Romance, intimacy, and appreciating each other can sometimes fade into the background of daily life when you become parents.”

Photo By Chilie Orloff

“In a world where women carry the mental load and are viewed as a deficit in a flawed financial system, men need to take more responsibility—also for intimacy, conversation, and equality,” adds Dennis Debannic. In relationships, it’s crucial to occasionally let go of the project manager role and surrender to the three S’s: Sex, champagne, and soul. Let The Grenadines’ new single be the soundtrack to that.

The Grenadines infuse the sultry soul-pop of the ’60s with a playful twist. Breaking free from expectations, the band’s transformation, as described by Kasper Ejlerskov, was driven by an insatiable hunger for unrestrained self-expression: “Our songwriting had become too serious; we needed to bring back lightheartedness. Breaking out of musical boundaries was incredibly fun. With the genre change, suddenly everything felt permissible. The straitjacket was loosened.”

Since their 2015 debut album, Band on the Radio in 2018, and Everything We Dreamt Of in 2021, The Grenadines have consistently evolved, enriching their musical expression. Get ready to immerse yourself in the sweet melodies of Smile—this sonic celebration of love delves deep, resonating with heartfelt emotions and uplifting our spirits.