Dania O. Tausen presents ‘ja’ – part I’: Complex connections for exploring life through music

The fusion of technology and nature, subconsciousness, toxicity, and the power of making informed choices
21st August 2023

Dania O. Tausen, the captivating singer-songwriter hailing from the Faroe Islands, unveils the first installment of her groundbreaking double album, ja/nei og restin av vikuni.

This intriguing and complex musical project, available on Tutl Records, is a voyage through the realm of human experiences and emotions, narrated through Dania‘s native Faroese tongue.

Dania O. Tausen’s ja – part I, delves into the ordinary yet profound aspects of existence, from mundane activities like shopping and working to the transcendental themes that bind them. Presented in vivid lyrical imagery, the song explores surreal elements of reality, the fusion of technology and nature, subconsciousness, toxicity, and the power of making informed choices. It’s a lyrical deep-dive into the intricate tapestry of life’s interconnectedness.

For this artistic endeavor, Dania O. Tausen collaborated with the multi-talented Benjamin Djurhuus, contributing his instrumental and production expertise. Additionally, the collaboration extends to the talented songwriter and musician Ragnar Finsson, who brings his unique musical perspective to the project, adding depth and diversity to the sound.

The double album ja/nei og restin av vikuni, is divided into two distinct parts: the “ja/yes” side and the “nei/no” side, encapsulating life’s duality.

The “ja/yes” side embodies the intellect, representing clarity of thought and constructive decision-making. In contrast, the “nei/no” side embodies the unexplored, often overlooked aspects of the human psyche, embracing vulnerability and acknowledging less glamorous emotions.

The “ja/yes” side emanates an aura of optimism and wisdom. It encourages self-care, cherishing life’s small pleasures, and making conscious choices. The musical arrangement mirrors these sentiments, with vibrant melodies and harmonies that evoke a sense of clarity and purpose.

On the flip side, the “nei/no” team captures the messy reality of human emotions, recognizing our challenges and imperfections. They keep it real and don’t shy away from life’s complexities.

With her new work Dania O. Tausen is about to blow your mind with her captivating power of her soft, intimate voice. Get ready to experience a whole new level of musical allure.

Photos by Gwenael Akira Helmsdal