DANI SALDO Releases Her Heartfelt FRIENDS DON’T

Coinciding nicely with her 21st birthday, Filipino born and Canada based singer/songwriter Dani Saldo has just released Friends Don’t – her debut record. Filled with synth pop melodies and a hit of dancefloor bite, it’s undoubtedly going to appeal to a wide audience. 

Sharing some of its inspiration, she says: “This song is about codependency and how ugly it can get, if left unchecked. In the movies, I feel like it can get super romanticized, being someone’s everything & having someone who would do anything for you. This song explores the narrative of having a friend and getting little glimpses of what it would be like to have a relationship with that person, maybe wanting more than what they are able to give you, not because they don’t love or care about you, but because it’s a different kind of love, so you feel at a little bit of an impasse.”

 With an EP on the way, take a listen through Friends Don’t from Dani Saldo here.