THE Dance Theatre of Ireland will bring roving dancers and musicians, flying blocks, vanishing structures, instant architecture to a special Block Party next month.
This Colourful Outdoor spectacle unfolds during the Dublin Fringe Festival on Sunday September 23 in Temple Bar’s Meeting House Square.
With a cast of six dazzling dancers and three musicians constructing and performing with giant-sized children’s blocks, this performance merges the worlds of dance, music and architecture, and fun for adults and children alike.
Set to explosive percussion and music played live by Robbie Harris and Friends, Dance Theatre of Ireland ‘s Artistic Directors Robert Connor and Loretta Yurick will provide choreography, and the design is by innovative sculptor Andrew Clancy. The dancers include include Rob Dias, Alex Iseli, Jon Morley, Chris Owen, Kathleen Doherty and Jasmine Chiodi.
Choreography. Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick
Music: Irish Percussionist Robbie Harris & Friends
Design: Andrew Clancy

Performances at:
The Dublin Fringe Festival
Sunday Sept 23, Meeting House Square, 2-7 pm, Temple Bar
Ranelagh Arts Festival
Sunday Sept 30, 2-6 pm