‘Damn​’​ by Ayda Rose. A new era of soulful sounds and heartfelt lyrics

"It's a raw and stripped-back R&B, a personal story of love and loss"
20 February 2024
Photo by Kay Holden

Born into a family where rhythm and melody flow through the veins, Ayda Rose’s unique heritage combines the rock royalty of her British father, a drummer and vocalist for the 60s’ band DBM&T, with the rich cultural tapestry of her Haitian American and Native American mother. 

With her sophomore single Damn Ayda Rose continues to enchant listeners with her dreamy and emotive tones. The track’s slow-burning R&B production, featuring guitars, keys, and bass, pairs perfectly with Ayda’s distinctive voice and expressive melodies, crafting a deeply sentimental listening experience. Drawing inspiration from soul legends like SZA, Amy Winehouse, and Stevie Wonder, Ayda blends her love for soul with urban electronic sounds to create a unique sonic landscape.

Damn was penned during a challenging period in Ayda’s life, capturing the raw emotion of love and heartache. The creation of the song, sparked by a moment of inspiration when her producer began playing some chords on the guitar, showcases Ayda’s ability to transform personal turmoil into profound musical expression.

Collaborating with singer-songwriter Cam Bloomfield and the renowned artist Switch (formerly of Major Lazer), Ayda Rose’s latest production is her most candid yet. Describing the project as “soulful with a modern twist,” Ayda explores themes of love, longing, and loss, delivering a sound that resonates with both the old school and contemporary listeners.

On Damn, Ayda Rose shares, “It’s a song of heartache and pain, falling in love then longing for someone who isn’t ready. It’s a raw and stripped-back R&B, a personal story of love and loss.”

Photo by Kay Holden

In the summer of 2023, Ayda Rose marked a significant milestone in her career by debuting her first project, leading with the single Psychic. This release came after three years of meticulous work and a bold decision to transition from her previous stage name, Effie—a name that had become synonymous with her significant contributions to the dance scene, collaborations with artists like Mella Dee and FOOR, and her role as a backup vocalist for UK sensation Becky Hill. 

Her involvement in Stormzy’s 2022 album This Is What I Mean, where she co-wrote and vocally arranged the song Please, has further solidified her reputation as a talented songwriter, alongside her captivating performances both in the UK and internationally.

Ayda Rose stands out as not only an emerging talent, but also a voice for the new generation​,  blending heartfelt lyrics with soulful melodies to create music that speaks directly to the heart.