There’s a wistfulness to ‘I Can’t Reply’, the latest track from Damien McFly, out now via Ferrari Records.

Damien – the stage name for Damiano Ferrari, passionate and charismatic singer from Padova, Italy – captures the stomach dropping feeling and the internal machinations of being so overcome with emotion, being so besotted with another person that the words dry up in your mouth and you become speechless…

Hi Damien, how are you today?

Hi, I’m great today.

Now a little birdie told us your real name is actually Damiano Ferrari! What made you change it?

I was looking for an International name that could be a good match with my music. So after a music project I had called “I fratelli McFly” I decided to make it on my own and change my Damiano into Damien.

What’s the story behind your latest single ‘I Can’t Reply’?

“I can’t reply” is not a simple love song. It clearly describes a particular scene between me and girl but hides a specific meaning. It’s about making the first step both in love and everyday life because waiting for things to change is not the right answer.imageDescribe your sound in three words:

Emotional, effective, strong

If you could collaborate with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

I would love to collaborate with Ben Howard or with a female artist like Selah Sue.

Talk us through your live set up:

When it’s possible I perform with a full band with a mandolin, Double bass and Drums. But for the last European tour my set up was more acoustic with just a mandolin player.

Any entertaining stories you can share with us from your time on the road?

Last year on my trip to the US I sold a CD on the plane to a stranger who was next to me just letting him listen to one song.

What got you into music and songwriting?

I was raised in a family where music was constantly present. After learning to play a little of drums, piano and guitar as a self-taught I started writing some songs when I was 14.

Where can we catch you live over the next few months?

I will be performing a lot in Italy this summer but I will play in London for “Discovery Talent” on July 30th, at Carfest North on July 31st and at the Hard Rock Rocks Edinburgh on August 2nd. On August 22nd I will be for the first time in Bratislava for a big show.

What does the future hold for Damien McFly?

It holds my first original album release in August and hopefully another bigger European tour and a US tour next year.


By Frank Bell ©FAMEMAGAZINE.co.uk