By Moni B

Evoking true romance from each note, Damien McFly has mastered the art of the modern love song in his newest release Underneath My Skin.

The enchanting melody twinkles with rich, layered vocals and soaring electronic synths, with touches of acoustic guitar weaving in between the rhythm. By incorporating elements of folk, alternative and indie-pop, the Italian artist encapsulates the euphoric essence of love in a new light, and proves why he has been recognised as one of the country’s most exciting musicians. Bearing his soul through the lyrics, he elaborates on the meaning behind them, quoting  Underneath my skin is a song about being brave when it comes to what your heart is feeling. The line “Feel the love underneath my skin” is a Mantra you’re telling to your inner self. Don’t be scared cause you’ll find the hope and the strength to love, even if that means to let someone go.”

With similarities to the likes of Bon Iver and Mumford and Sons, Damien has an abundance of natural talent that is bound to see him skyrocket to the same level as such stars. With Underneath My Skin his first release of the year, it’s exciting to see what he will deliver next.


Photo by Massimiliano Berto