dylan elmDublin-based exciting band Elm drop this smart and dazzling remix – courtesy of Galway’s eclectic producer Daithi – of their reflective and mesmerizing “Alternative Baroque-Pop” debut track ‘Amends’.

Daithi says: “I heard Elm’s track Amends a while ago, and was blown away by the amount of feeling in the vocal. When I started remixing the track, I wanted to keep that frail feeling in there, while adding a whole pile of strength in the bass tones. I was really struck by some of the phrases in the track, and I wanted to repeat some of them throughout the remix, something I think is really effective in dance music; it tends to make certain phrases really profound when you have a simple beat and melody underneath them.”

Frontman Dylan Walsh reveals: “The track ‘Amends’ is held closely to Elm’s heart, so getting a remix done was daunting. That was until Daithi took on the challenge of course! Who knew that a slow, heartfelt song can be made into a fresh dance track…Honestly I don’t feel cool enough to be on the track, my younger brother thinks I’m the coolest guy ever now!”


Photo by Rah Petherbridge