Da Chick’s Top 5 Influences Playlist

Lisbon based disco-funk artist Da Chick continues to captivate with her latest single Conversations / Watch Me Go released through iconic Portuguese label Discotexas. Drawing on a myriad of influences ranging from disco, funk, soul and pop arrangements, the end product is an emotive, delightful result. Da Chick tells us about her 5 favourite tracks of all time. 

Da Chick’s Top 5 Influences Playlist

Outkast – Prototype

The funk in hip-hop. These two are an inspiration at all levels. 

Erykah Badu – Mr. Telephone Man

The healer, the teacher, the sister, the mother, the queen. Eryka’s one of those that never leaves me. This mixtape somehow helped me get more curious about producing beats and be comfortable about doing lo-fi music, care more about the heart and groove and less about sound “perfection”.

Jamiroquai – If I like it, I do it

Life anthem. I grew up listening to Jamiroquai, and years later I can see how much they influenced me. This song really kept me moving, travelling and taking healthy risks.

Queen Latifah ft Monie Love – Ladies First

Queen Latifah ft Monie Love – Ladies First
Some of my badass attitude comes from listening to a lot of female rap from the States. This featuring says it all.

Ray Charles – Let’s go get stoned

Ray is one of my biggest influences ever. He made me pay more attention to music and lyrics and start writing down some thoughts about life and love.

By Da Chick for FM