D3LTA Fights Back Against Pressure To Conform With Powerful New Single HYPOCRITES

By Vee D

With no interest in “fitting in”, D3lta is defying expectations both musically and personally. Versatile, creative and energetic, his music nor his style are confined by labels and he intends it that way and new single Hypocrites epitomizes that sentiment.

Inspired by his experience of mandatory service in the army in Greece, Hypocrites grapples with the way in which people so often conform to “roles” which define their behavior. Having felt stripped of his identity and any individuality as soon as he joined the army, D3lta was shocked at how easily we can be controlled to conform.

When recording the track with Jim Abbiss (Adele, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian) at Angelic Studios in London, D3lta’s vision was very clear and focused on emphasizing the dynamic changes of the song and building everything around the lead vocal and rhythm guitar. Drawing influence from his wide-ranging music taste, there are nods to the likes of Kaleo, Sam Fender, Royal Blood, and Black Sabbath which saw strong distorted guitars with a clean reverb sound. 

About Hypocrites D3lta shares, “Looking at the situation from a high-level view I found it quite funny – and disturbing. The title Hypocrites as well as the lyrics portray the disillusionment I felt when realizing that people behave in a very different way socially masking who they are underneath. Like peeling an onion to discover who really someone is under all these layers. Interestingly I feel that this track is increasingly more relevant with everything going on around us. The core message of the song is to drop the facade and set ourselves free from who we think we should be to fit in.”