d-nova1-e1375440968981‘Life Is My Videogame’, is the clever post-pop debut EP (out now), by London based D NOVA. The release is set in a contemporary and sharp landscape, a place where real and digital / dark and flamboyant irony / life and game are always linked.

The amazing video for ‘The Run’ (first track taken from the EP) was shot in LA and directed by Dreamworks Alexis Wanneroy.

D NOVA’s live performance is fresh, twisted and high-octane: all musicians wear “gameboy heads”, during what is a uniquely must-see show…d nova2 First up can you describe your EP/project and sound to us?

My first EP “Life Is My Videogame” is meant to be the start of a wider project.

I titled my first release L.i.m.v. as I wanted to create something like a manifesto for what I do. Concepts-sounds-visuals are all connected to the idea of mixing physical and digital realities, that’s what we are basically experiencing right now isn’t it?

By the way, I’m not the one to deal with experimental music! I love songs and stories, I love communicating.

I don’t see myself as an alternative 8-bit artist, some do that really well but it’s not my cup of tea.

That’s why my music melts tradition and future, real stories and video game sounds.d nova3When did you start to create music and where?

I started when I was a kid. I used to play guitar and that pushed me to write my own songs and express my own feelings and all of that.

I was still at school and I remember I spent all of my afternoons literally writing and singing, that kind of stuff made me feel so special in a way.

I could make something new and put myself into that, like shaping a different dimension to interact with people. That felt so good to me.
That’s why I developed and improved my music skills in so many places, across Europe and the US, getting as many inputs as possible.

Then I started writing, arranging and producing my music with my laptop. It took me some time to get used to it, but I was up for the challenge and I finally got in love with it

No matter what genre, music is able to link people from all over the world, that’s why I’ve always loved making it.

What is your dream now?

I dropped my first EP on Soundcloud just to see what the reaction would be. I’m so excited about feedbacks and reviews from the UK and the US, things show me I’m doing something worth it.

My dream is to release a full length Album and tour around the world, who wouldn’t fancy that!? Let’s see if things grow and make that dream come true.

Is irony the key of your appeal?

Maybe. But, I’m more into mixing opposite sides: irony and depth, cheerfulness and dark tones. A positive approach is what we all need to cope with life!

Is Pop Culture dead or alive?

It’s alive indeed. Popular is anything connected to the masses. Technology is making the process even easier now, as you can share whatever kind of art-sound-writing.

Popular never dies, but it got faster.

Can you elaborate on your quote “Life is our videogame”.

Sure. Video games showed how to simplify real life into a digital one. They started to simulate battles, fights, problems to win, and difficulty levels as well. Nothing but life!

Life is drenched by digital stuff today: Internet, Facebook, Twitter and whatsoever. All is blended and looks like a game to play.

It’s obviously a metaphor and a provocation in a way. If digital games got close to life, now life gets close to digital games.

Life is really hard today, unless you are a VIP or a billionaire. It’s a real fight in a digital environment.

Where do you get your ideas for example the “gameboy heads” ? Who are the “gameboy heads”?

Oh that looks cool! You always need something to remember, like an icon. Everything comes from “Life Is My Videogame” music video, that’s going to be released in September.

It was directed by Raquel Meyers, who’s an amazing video artist based in Sweden. The video shows the story of a gameboy head, in a really arty way, and I decided to take that edgy image as I liked it so much, it just looked perfect to me.

My musicians wear the gameboy heads on stage for my shows and that’s something really unique, everyone loves it. Once more, real and digital are mixed: a real body with a digital head.

Whats the story behind the amazing video for ‘The Run’ directed by Dreamworks Alexis Wanneroy?

“The Run” is about accepting yourself and your id. Sometimes you have some fighting voices in your head and you feel just lost.

The video shows many people experiencing that, while I run off Downtown LA bridge. Finally, there’s no need to run away as the answer is easily inside yourself.

The visual is hectic and is all put into chapters/stages, evoking fights and games once again.

What music do you listen in the car?

Random! Electro, Acoustic, Dance, Pop, whatever grabs my heart. I’ve been listening so much from will.i.am, TEED, Is Tropical and Adi Ulmansky to name a few.

Whats next for D NOVA?

New remixes and videos for this EP, while playing gigs in London. The next one will be the title track “Life Is My Videogame”.

I’m happy to have started releasing my stuff independently. I can make any decision about what and when, I guess it’s an awesome start.

I have many other songs to drop though, hopefully there’ll be an album!

By Fabrizio Belluschi ©FAMEMAGAZINE.co.uk

Live Dates:
31st August – Voodoo Vault, London
3rd September – Hard Rock Café, London
6th September – The Picket, Liverpool
7th September – The Vinyl, Liverpool
8th September – The Deaf Institute, Manchester
9th September – Kings Arms, Manchester
10th September – The Crescent, Manchester
11th September – Satan’s Hollow, Manchester
12th September – The Verve, Leeds