CXLOE’s ‘Show You’ | This Song Is For When Words Aren’t Enough

Following the release of convincing tracks ‘Monster’ and ‘Tough Love’, exciting Sydney based artist CXLOE, returns and sparkles with yet another slice of her lush electro-pop bliss with new single ‘Show You’.

CXLOE says: “I wrote ‘Show You’ in LA with my friend, Sam Farrar. I wanted to write something that felt different to my last two singles, a sound that wasn’t necessarily so moody, but still carried the weight of all my emotions at the time. I really wanted to push the love/sex boundaries and ‘Show You’ was the outcome of that. This song makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time and that’s very fitting for me!…I often struggle with my words in any type of relationship and can’t seem to articulate how I feel; it makes me too nervous. This song is for when words aren’t enough. For when words won’t do. When you need to show someone how you feel instead.”