CUTTS Share Sombre Single ALL MY LIFE

The Brooklyn-Based Duo Share an Emotive New Cut…


With over four million streams on Spotify and two million on YouTube, Alt-Pop duo CUTTS can certainly say there’s an audience out there for their emotionally charged serene-pop

Following their string of successful releases in 2019, Be Bad, Waiting, Breathe and Honey, CUTTS’ newest single builds on their established back catalogue to hone their craft even further. Originally intended as a love song for one of the duos sisters’ wedding, you can hear the raw emotion coursing throughout the piece. Perfectly leaning on elements of pop, electronica and Indie, it’s a perfect track for fans of Chromatics. 

“ No one is closer to me than my sister, and when she told me they didn’t have a song for their first dance, we figured we would just write them their own. I wanted to give her something special to commemorate that moment. To me it represents the peace you feel in finding someone who you can fully love. Like many other things, her wedding won’t happen this year.”