We’ve talked about how prolific the Aussie 4-piece Cub Sport are before, but it’s worth saying it again when they’ve just given us, Drive, another brand new track from the new album. It’s quite different from the previous single, Confessions – more of a return to that core ‘Cub Sport sound’ that we’ve grown to love over the last few years, so it’s big thumbs up from us. 

It’s great to finally seeing them get mainstream support too, with this single being premiered on BBC Radio 1. According the bands socials they did have a big budget video concept planned, but of course in light of everything going on that was all pulled. So instead they re-thought and made this one themselves at home, but it’s so heart warming, not sure they could have bettered it! And they’ve given us a dance routine to learn! Have a look…

The new album, LIKE NIRVANA has also been pushed back to July which is a shame, but hopefully this means we’ll get a few more singles from them over the next few months… You can pre order the album here.