Crystal Tides unveils their radiant new single, ‘Detonate’

"Writing this song was like looking in a metaphorical mirror, chasing a little self-love, so he can feel better”
20th October 2023

Portsmouth’s indie wizards, Crystal Tides, are back in the spotlight with their latest gem, Detonate, a fluorescent ​t​une that solidifies the band’s knack for crafting infectious indie-pop anthems against a tight, danceable backdrop. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Foals, and The Wombats, Crystal Tides effortlessly infuse their music with earworm vocalines and a vibrant energy that’s as catchy as it is dance-inducing.

Produced by David Evans (known for his work with Cowboyy, Skinny Living, Flowvers, Tom Millichamp), Detonate wastes no time grabbing your attention with twinkling synths and irresistible vocal melodies. The track evolves into a dynamic, euphoric soundscape, combining bouncy drums and tight guitar lines with a melancholic, heartfelt vocal delivery. The chorus is a triumphant anthem, one that begs to be sung by a stadium full of fans at the top of their lungs, solidifying Crystal Tides‘ status as rising stars in the indie-pop scene.

In a candid discussion about the single, the band reveals the personal depth behind the lyrics. Written from lead singer Billy Gregory‘s perspective, Detonate explores the challenges of navigating life as one gets older in a perpetually youthful society. The song delves into the introspective journey of self-implosion during a difficult period in Gregory’s life​: 

“Written from the perspective of our lead singer Billy Gregory, the track touches on struggling to cope with getting older in ever-young society. Detonate is about the singer self-imploding at a difficult time in his life. The chorus is a reflection of how Billy recognises that he had been using drink as a coping mechanism and stopped looking after himself the way he should be. Writing this song was like looking in a metaphorical mirror, chasing a little self-love, so he can feel better.”

Crystal Tides has been on an upward direction​ with their recent releases, achieving notable milestones through their unwavering dedication. The band has not only sold out local shows but has also toured the UK, graced stages at prominent UK festivals, and garnered attention from BBC Radio 1, Radio X, Virgin Radio, Amazing Radio, Sirius XM, and BBC Radio 6 Music. With placements in high-profile syncs on Made in Chelsea, ITV News, ITV’s This Morning, BT Sport, and British Airways, underscores Crystal Tides’ journey toward national acclaim.

Crystal Tides forges ahead in the indie-pop landscape with Detonate, smoothly blending danceable beats, infectious melodies, and poignant lyricism. This amalgamation solidifies their standing as a formidable presence that demands recognition.

Photos by Harry Dobson

Upcoming Tour Dates: 

21st October – Institute 2, Birmingham w/ Andrew Cushin

24th October – Patterns, Brighton w/ Andrew Cushin

16th November – Guildhall, Portsmouth w/ The Lottery Winners*

18th November – The Junction, Plymouth w/ Tom A Smith*

19th November – The Cavern, Exeter w/ Tom A Smith*

28th November – The Horn, St Albans w/ Tom A Smith*

1st December – Olby’s Soul Cafe & Music Rooms, Margate w/ Tom A Smith*

2nd December – Boileroom, Guildford w/ Tom A Smith*