CROSSFAITH1-500x333Check out Japan’s metal & electro mash-up masters Crossfaith’s massive hard-hitting ‘We Are The Future’, the first track taken from ‘Apocalyze’, out September 9th via Search And Destroy Records.

I Can’t Look Back
I Know I’m Gonna Stray Today
Struggling With The Dark
I Must Cut These Chains Around Me
I Found Everything I Now Stand For
Engraved In My Soul (In My Soul)
I Don’t Wanna Live As The Dead
So I’m Gonna Cross This Line

Your Lies Are Polluting This Life We Are Living – It’s Haunting Me
I’m Feeling I’m Drowning In Guilt That I Fight Each And Everyday

So It Ends Right Here And Here It Starts
I Can’t Go Back To Memories (To Memories)
Even Though I Don’t Know Where My Hope Has Gone,
It Ain’t Gonna Stop Me
It Ends Right Here The End Of Misery
Here It Starts I Never Look Back
The Battle For All I Believe In
So Now This Is Time To Go

This Is The War
We Are The Future
I Gotta Run To My FutureCROSSFAITH2The record was produced by the legendary Machine who, as well as producing the band’s Zion EP, has added his magic touch to records by Lamb of God, Every Time I Die and Four Year Strong

Crossfaith are Kenta Koie (vocals), Terufumi Tamano (programming), Kazuki Takemura (guitar), Hiroki Ikegawa (Bass) and Tatsuya Amano (drums.)